Running in Minnesota 7/19/12

Today I travelled to Minnesota to see my youngest daughter and my four grandchildren, it was a little bit of an adventure, but I got here with no problems. The grandchildren are great and my daughter looks great for just having a baby a few months ago.

On the way here I did screw-up a little and lost my new Nike Free Run+3 Shoes and a bunch of running clothes when I left my gym bag someplace and couldn’t find it. Which was a problem, because while I really love my Adidas Vigor’s as my trail shoes, they are not that good for running on roads. So I needed a new pair of road shoes, so I could keep running a decent amount in Minnesota.

I have been researching for shoes to replace my Free 4.0 v2, I stopped at Run n Fun in Burnsville to see what they had for road running shoes. They have a very nice selection of shoes and even had the Altra Instincts and the Brook Pure Flow, so I got to try them on and run around a little outside in both.

Guess what I went with the Altras. I was surprised and impressed with how great they felt and helped facilitate more of a forefoot landing than other shoes I have run in lately. More on that in my initial review post on the Instincts.

I even ran twice in them today.

The first run was over at Lac Lavon and I just did an exploration run around there, it is someplace that I used to run a long time ago, but it has changed quite a bit in the 14 years since I have been there.

The second run was over in Prior Lake and the temperature was on a place I went by read 98 degrees, I really didn’t think it was that hot, so I just kept running and ended up doing 6.2 miles

Both runs were done in the Instincts and there were no problems at all with the shoes, I had to stop to fix my socks once, but the shoes worked better than I expected for my first day in them.

RunLog 7-19-12


3 comments on “Running in Minnesota 7/19/12

  1. The ALTRA Instinct is a ZERO DROP shoe.
    Did you have any trouble transitioning?
    Were your calves a little sore?

    • No trouble at all, I have run over 15 miles in them in 2 days and no problems with my calves, but I have been running a lot of miles in 4-6MM drop shoes over the last 9 months, so most of the acclimation process has already been done. I really like that they promote more of a non-heel strike but are cushioned enough that when my form deteriorates after I haven’t gotten sore from landing with more of my heal. I really like them so far, just have to tweak how tight to tie them, whether to use the top lace holes or not.

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