Run With the Son In Law 7-21-12

IMG_0459Things have been pretty hectic out here in Minnesota the last few days, but I have still been able to get my runs in. I was actually going to take a day off from running and break this streak that I have going by accident.

However, last night my son-in-law asked to go for a run with me. This was something that I thought was pretty cool, because he is not a runner and I didn’t really expect him to do want to go out with me.

Guess he wanted to see how the old fella ran versus just talking about it. I can’t blame him, I used to be the same way, part being a guy I guess.

He wanted to do about 2.0 miles, so we did a O/B over by the Wild Country Club, it was slightly up hill most of the way out and downhill on the way back. So it wasn’t a very easy course for a first run in forever. While it probably wasn’t what the “experts” would recommend for a first run, he did great. That old Minnesota hockey player mentality.

Actually, he is built more like the prototypical runner, fairly tall, rather lanky and has the attitude that he can do things, as he showed me by going ahead and doing the 2.0 miles with no training. Oh he huffed and puffed a little bit, but he finished in under a 10:00 minute mile pace.

Afterwards, we talked for a bit and he seems rather interested in starting running to supplement a HIT program he is thinking about starting too. So I recommended Hal Higdon’s Novice Running Program, instead of just going ahead and hammering 1-2 miles at a time and hating running.

He is thinking about it – we shall see Smile.

It was actually nice to run a short and easier run, focus on working on my form and just relaxing while I was running with someone else.

RunLog 7-21-12


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