Finally Taking a Rest Day


Today I flew back from Minnesota, which meant that I was up early (4:00 A.M. early).

While I had a great time in Minnesota, the trip out, not sleeping in my own bed, eating a “little” differently, playing with the grand children (they have limitless energy), running in 90+, with high humidity almost every day I was out there and today’s trip back to Maine – finally caught up with me.

YEP NO DOUBT ABOUT IT – I AM BEAT and a little cranky about it. Winking smile

Based on how I felt, I decided to end my 28 day accidental running streak and take a well-deserved rest day, I have almost 168 miles this month, so the possibility of going over 200 miles in a month, for the first time since 1986 is pretty decent.

A zero has been logged in the the RunLog and I have a feeling a fairly early bed time is in my future in a few minutes.


RunLog 7-23-12


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