Much More than a Recovery Run 7/25/12

Today was a TOP 10 day outside, it was high 70’s and low humidity – in other words a great day for running!

So I definitely was going to run, it was just a question of how fast and how far. After 13+ miles yesterday, I figured that it would be a slower recovery run, but like I have done on other runs this year, I let my body dictate what actually did.

My splits were:

  • 1.0 mile – 8:19
  • 2.0 miles – 16:19
  • Turnaround – 20:41
  • 8:44 for the last mile, which is about a minute faster than usual on this route
  • Final – 41:15

I was very surprised that I ran the first mile that quickly, coming down the dirt road and getting warmed up. Then I really focused on my form when I got back on the tar down on Tiffany Road. I have noticed that I definitely find it easier land on my forefoot/full foot, since I changed to the Altra Instincts.

Also I found out that the Instincts are better on the dirt road down back, than my other road shoes have been lately. The sole seems much more protective and the 16MM midsole is just enough cushioning to protect from the dirt roads.

When I got to Notta Run there was a small crotch horn buck less than 20 yards from me, so I got a good look at it and then it ran off into the woods. I always love seeing deer on my runs – their natural grace and beauty inspires me.

During the run, I never really pushed more than 70-75% and still had the best 5.0 mile run this year time/pace wise. It was just a good run and the lower temps/humidity helped a lot – although I still worked up a pretty good sweat. All the long runs and base training seem to be paying off.

It was just a very good run, much more than a recovery run – more in keeping with a tempo run.

RunLog 7-25-12



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