Peter Golding Inaugural Memorial 5K Race Recap

P7280003I found out about this race on our Cable System’s Public Access Channel on Thursday night. Since where it was being held is part of my 10 mile River Road, I decided hey why not, only $6.00 for an entry fee helped as well. Smile

Initially the weather cooperated and it stayed cloudy and relatively cool low 70’s until about a mile into the race, when the run came out and heated up quickly.

Even though this was a really low key race that I didn’t know about until Thursday, I had a really hard time getting to sleep last night and turning off my brain on how I would do today or if I really wanted to even go. Then on the ride over, I still thought of different things that I could do instead of running in a race, including going for a trail run at Bond Brook.

You know it really sucks to be so freaking anxious about going to something as simple like running in a race, but as I explained in my post on Why I Haven’t Raced That Much, the anxiety that I used to experience about running in races, stopped me from racing for many, many years. Hopefully, I have gotten by the worst of the anxiety that I have about racing and just have normal race day jitters from now on.


But I made it to the race location and got registered. Once I do that I tend to calm down a lot, to me that means that I am going run the race.

Actually I had a good time talking to the other runners and didn’t disappear and crawl into my shell. So I am doing a lot better with that part of running in races

My goal for this race was to break 23:00 minutes, a goal that I thought that was pretty attainable.

So how did the race go?

P7280016It was a small race with under 20 runners, on an out and back course from the Silver Spur down to the Sidney Recreation area.

Unfortunately, I screwed up my watch at the start, so I didn’t have that to let me know how close I was to my splits or goal time. The start felt pretty quick. I was in 5th after the first quarter mile and stayed there until after the Recreation area turn-around and that damn hill coming out of there.

That is where I lost at least the .04 seconds that I would really want later in the run – a LACK of mental toughness and focus on my part going up that hill.

After getting back on the River Road, I caught up and passed the person in front of me and moved into 4th. However, there was just too much distance between me and the third place runner, so I relaxed and didn’t really push the last mile as hard as I should have and that is where I finished – 4th.

I finished the race in 22:03 – just missing my annual goal time of sub 22:00, but almost a minute under my race goal time, without really doing any heavy duty speed work over the past few months. Still I was a little disappointed that I didn’t break 22:00 – that old competitiveness that I still have in me. I am confident that I can in an upcoming race. In any event, this was a huge improvement from my previous best this year of 23:25.

No the times were not world shattering, but I was more than happy with my time.

Altra Instincts

I didn’t run in racing flats, I wore my Altra Instincts and they did great! I didn’t have to worry about how my feet felt and the shoes didn’t feel heavy at the end of the race. While not really race day shoes for a short race like a 5K, I wanted to try them out to see how they did, so that if I wanted to wear them for a 10K or longer, I would have experience in wearing them in race situations.

The more I wear them the more I like them.

For me to run at a 7:06 minute mile pace, in my training shoes says a lot about how light and fast the Altra’s actually are and how well my training is progressing.

RunLog 7-28-12

I know that I just wrote a big post about running slower and not worrying about running fast, but the race seemed to unfold, I just went with how I felt and ran faster by about a minute, than I thought I would.

I wonder how much the Olympics will inspire me over the next few weeks.


4 comments on “Peter Golding Inaugural Memorial 5K Race Recap

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  2. Great spur-of-the-moment race! I did something similar this weekend and it was nice to go out there and do something unexpected, yet leaving something more to be desired.

    • Thanks, sometimes the spur of the moment races are the most fun, especially when they are just small ones and the only thing you get is the satisfaction of the run and a few grapes – along with meeting other runners 🙂

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