16 Miles Done 7/30/12

P7300008Today I was going back and forth between doing a 13 or 16 mile run and didn’t really make up my mind until I got to the 13.1 mile turn-around point, when I just kept going.

When I started out at around 9:30 A.M. it was 68, sunny and the wind was out of the south. When I finished just before noon the temp had climbed up to 78, sunny and the wind was out of the Northeast???

Beautiful day, but just a little too warm for a good run, so I stayed within myself and just ran according to how my body felt. Which meant that I ran a lot faster to start and slowed down the last 6.0 miles or so, when it started to heat up.

I did things a little different on hydrating, using the Achiva Coconut Water/Chia Seed mixture, which I really like, but don’t like the chunkiness when trying to get it out of the water bottle. Also I waited until 10 miles to use my Razz Cliff Gel Shot, which seemed to help, with the last part of the run.

It seemed like there was double the traffic than usual this morning on all the roads! I felt like I was hoping onto the dirt every couple of minutes to get out of the way of traffic, which did slow me down.


However, the Instinct’s handled the loose/wet dirt (from yesterday’s rain) on the shoulders very well and didn’t pick up a lot of little rocks to annoy me.

My Altra’s did a great job on the run and at times I found myself just running without thinking about how I was running in them, which is what I want and expect from a shoe.

However, at about mile 9.0, my left knee started to bark at me a little but once I got on the rail trail, it seemed to come around and not talk to me too much.


Then when I got to the turn-around in Hallowell, I stopped to take some pictures and drink the last of my Achiva and started back up, it barked for a minute, but was really good the last 2.5 miles back to the finish. It did give me a lot to think about though.

Over the course of this run I did a lot of thinking about whether I want to or can run a Fall marathon or not this year. I will probably make a decision either Wednesday or next Monday – more to come on that in a separate blog post.


Overall, for a 16.0 mile run, it was rather uneventful. I just ran the distance, without getting anything too out of wack, so that was good. I still don’t like Mt. Vernon Ave though and will be glad if/when they ever finally fix that stretch of road.

Just one of those – Good Runs!

RunLog 7-30-12


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