One Sock Run 8/1/12

P8010011Today’s run was reverse the direction that I usually run the Pond Road and this direction is a lot more uphill, so it was more challenging.

The weather was still pretty warm for a double-digit run – being sunny, in the mid 70’s, but luckily the humidity level was pretty good. Perfect day for sitting around outside though.

The trouble with socks!

During the run my right sock really began to bother my foot and I had to stop to try and fix it at about mile 6.0. I was so frustrated that I decided to just take the damn thing off and ran the rest of the way with one sock on and one sock off and my foot didn’t bother at all (except for my toenails needing some trimming).


These were the same socks that bothered me twice when I first started running in my Altra’s in Minnesota.

It is just weird that some socks don’t work with certain shoes, but do with others??? I ran 17.0 with no problems in the Nike Free Run in these socks, but when I run more than 6.0 miles using the Instinct’s they really, really bother my right foot??? Who knows what is going on, but at least I know positively it isn’t the shoes.

I think that have learned that I can’t wear compression type socks when running in the Altra’s and have to have a looser fit sock with them that allow my toes to really splay out and use calf sleeves. I still wear compression style socks after my long runs to help speed recovery, but during a longer run, they just don’t work for me.

Otherwise, the run felt really good and I just ran, which is what I wanted to do.

RunLog 8-1-12


4 comments on “One Sock Run 8/1/12

  1. Odd about socks isn’t it? I can wear my compression socks with some running shoes but not others… good that you didn’t blister running with a bare foot.

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