Just Was Not There Today 8/10/12

Today was my long run for the week, about as half as much as I have run for the past few months, but it is my cut-back week.

Today’s run was a nice easy pace and I didn’t try to push, but to be honest – I just never really felt comfortable running today. My left foot was slapping the ground way too much for the first couple of miles, before it finally settled in and I couldn’t find the stride that I had the past couple of runs. I just had one of those “off” days.

Maybe it didn’t help that it felt like I was swimming more than running in the humidity, but that isn’t an excuse to not get my stride right. That is just an excuse.

My splits were:

  • 1st Mile – 8:24
  • Turn-around – 29:44
  • Finish – 32:35

Definitely slower coming back, but today wasn’t about speed, it was simply to get the mileage in and see if I could shake the headache that began just before last night’s big thunderstorm. The run seemed to help, but there are still a few echoes of it wandering around in there, hopefully it will be gone in the morning.

RunLog 8-10-12


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