Who Else is Feeling the Aches and Pains

What I tried to accomplish this week is to let my body heal all the little nicks, aches and pains that have accumulated over the past few months, when I went up to my highest monthly total mileage ever.

I really didn’t realize how beat-up my body was until, I really cut-back the mileage this week. Actually I have a feeling that I could use another week, just to let the body heal some of those other minor aches and pains, as I get ready for the fall racing season.

It was weird how I have found aches and pains in places that I didn’t realize were hurting, until some other places that hurt more – like my hamstrings are not hurting the way that they did.

Since I am not trying to run a marathon this fall, keeping my mileage down for another week probably is a good idea. We will see what I actually do when I get going, sometimes I get to feeling great and forget about the plan Smile.

How Are You Feeling?

If I am feeling this nicked up, I wonder how many other runners out there are feeling a few more aches and pains than normal, after all the miles that we have been doing since the the weather got warmer?

How about it, anyone else besides me have that feeling of being nicked up, with more aches and pains than usual?

How are these little aches and pains affecting your preparation for the fall racing season?

Have you taken any down-time voluntarily to let the body heal a little or have you had an injury lately that forced you cut-back your mileage lately or your plans for the fall?

It would be interesting to hear how you are feeling.


7 comments on “Who Else is Feeling the Aches and Pains

  1. Nicked! As I think you’ve seen. Stillan achy groin from a lunge playing softball (dumbass) and either shin splints (80% sure) or stress fracture (20%). We’ll see. This year has been horrible for me with injuries.

    • Mark that is the truth, we wouldn’t have time to run or write on our blogs about it, I guess what they say is true that runners have a higher pain threshold than some others do, we just seem to ignore the little things.

    • Toni, Mark, & Eric and they say running is a non-contact sport – yeah right. I think that we all (runners) are nicked up with some sort of little things pretty much 100% of the time, most of it is stuff we just live with and really don’t notice all that much until we get a bigger injury and take some down-time to let that one heal, that we start to notice the others :-).

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