12.6 Miles Done and Very Happy 8/15/12

P8150017I dropped the truck off to get some work done and do the inspection thing that is required here in Maine.

I thought this gave me a great excuse to go for a longish run and take a round-about route to get home. Something double-digit at around a 9:30 pace to see how the Adidas Adizero Sonic 3 handle a longer run – I ended up doing 12.6.

I also decided to run on a couple of sections of road that I haven’t run on before, to see how they are. The Drummond Road is okay, but it is fairly busy as a cross-over point from the River Rd to the Pond Rd., so I don’t see me running it very often.

This run once I got over by Rainbow Valley Farm, tends to go uphill just a little bit. Some parts are steep, but it seems as though there is a lot of uphill sections until you get the Tiffany Rd.






The weather was overcast (which was good), mid 70’s (not too bad) and about 70% humidity, which meant that I was sweating like a stuck pig. I would have welcomed a little rain to relieve some of the humidity, but it only sprinkled. However, with that high level of humidity and 70 degree temps, I am glad that I was not trying to run fast today.

Actually, I also stopped and took a lot of pictures while running, which definitely slows me down, but I have the memories of today’s run in digital form as well as in my head.

So how did the shoes do?

Just fine.

No hot spots, no blisters, my knees felt good at the end, the hamstrings were not being activated, unless I was going up a steeper hill and my hip didn’t get any worse during the run. Needless to say I was happy with the how they performed during a run that lasted almost 2 hours. That I am not whining and complaining about them is a good thing.

I don’t know what the difference is, but when I run downhill in these shoes, I just seem to run easier and more smoothly.

I also have stopped worrying about whether I am hitting my heel and am focusing on shorter strides and a higher cadence. It seemed to work and I could tell that I was switching my gait back and forth between forefoot, full-foot and heel landings, depending upon the terrain I was running on and what kind of pace I was moving at.

Overall, a decent second run in the Adidas and I continue to be cautiously optimistic about how they are going to work for me.

RunLog 8-15-12


7 comments on “12.6 Miles Done and Very Happy 8/15/12

  1. Sounds like a really nice mid-week run. It’s always fun to test out new routes, and do it in new shoes to boot! That’s a pair I haven’t tried yet but am enticed by them.

    • They are not talked about or reviewed very much on the other running blogs, but they seem to be working so far. They are not really minimalist shoes, but more old-style light-weight trainers, which is what I was looking for this time. Seem to be making a difference especially when running downhill compared to what I have been doing :-). Thanks for commenting.

  2. Those shoes do look nice, I am thinking about buying them as mine are looking pretty tired! Have you ever tried barefoot shoes to run in i.e. the ones with toes – wondering if all the hype about improving posture etc is true?

    • Robert – The Sonic’s are a pair of traditional lighter weight trainers, which I decided to go back to. No I have not tried toe-shoes and from what I have heard, you need to go really slow to transition to run in them. A lot of people say they work great, other they don’t work for. From my perspective it depends on your running style, if you are willing to decrease your mileage and really focus on the changes to your running style that running in minimalist shoes requires.

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