No Run Today 8/1612

Today was a rainy and nasty day outside. While the rain doesn’t usually stop me from running, I have had nagging hip and hamstring issues for the past few weeks, so I figured another day or two of rest would be more valuable than going out in the rain.

It was tough to not go run, because I like running in the rain and I half expected to just go ahead and run anyway at some point during the day.

I didn’t, I actually did good and didn’t do anything that resembled more than walking a mile. This is the first day in a long time that I just rested. I have a feeling my body needed it.

My legs do feel a lot better tonight and I just want to ensure that the hamstrings and hip are not sore, so if I wake up tomorrow and I feel any twinges, I probably will take another day off.

I am really trying to be smart about this and get ready for the fall running season which is just around the corner.

How about you, do you have some aches and pains that you are running through and would probably go away with a few days rest?

Will you give your body some rest or do you plan to bull through until the end of the fall running season or an injury waylays your running for more than a few days?

Not running is sometimes harder than going out the door and putting in the miles, but is being the tough one and running anyways always the smart thing to do?



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