6 Miler and Running Form 8/23/12

IMG_0106Another beautiful day in Central Maine, with all of the stuff that I had to get done today, I didn’t get to run until late afternoon.

It was in the mid 80’s, bright sunshine and low humidity – in other words a top 10 day, but a tad warm for running.

Unfortunately, with everything going on, I decided to not go to the Bond Brook 5K trail race tonight. Racing tonight would just have been too much.

I am one of those guys who is not real crazy about traveling and try to get things setup as much as possible the night before.

Due to trip and everything it means, I just didn’t have any focus for the run. I was just thinking too much about my trip to NYC this weekend, all of the stuff that I have to get done before I leave and different stuff I have and want to do once I get there.

At some points I was running good and then when I stopped thinking about what I was doing, I slowed down – a lot.

My splits were:

  • Shepard Rd – 7:49
  • About 2.0 – 16:42 (8:52)
  • Town Office – 27:05 (10:22)
  • Mile 4.0 – 34:19 (7:14)
  • Mile 5.0 – 43:40 (9:20)
  • Last Mile – 52:22 (8:41)

Even though my mind wasn’t on the run, I still got in 6.0 miles and afterwards,

After the run I decided to video my running style, with the new video setup I just got and boy when you can see the video, it is so much easier to figure out what you are doing wrong.

The video definitely shows that my left foot points out pretty significantly when I am running slower and my ankle caves in (over pronates).  Guess I have to work on straightening out my foot plant. Even with all of the other videos I have shot, they just were not clear enough to let me see exactly what I was doing.

RunLog 8-23-12


7 comments on “6 Miler and Running Form 8/23/12

  1. I agree, as slight as it may seem, you do seem to point out on the left. You do also seem to hit mid foot though. You did exellent with your times for you run though…I’d be stoked with that. 🙂

  2. One of the problems with just looking at one aspect of your running form (foot placement in this case) is that you don’t know what is causing it. Simply trying to straighten it out isn’t likely to fix it, because clearly your body is compensating for a weakness elsewhere. This is typically why something like this is happening. Most common are tight muscles in the hip area that restrict your range of motion. Your leg then rotates to compensate for the lack of motion. At least that would be my first guess at the cause. Also, pronation is a normal part of everyone’s gait and is part of the recoil that occurs to release energy to propel you forward. Unless someone is excessively pronating, which it doesn’t appear you are, it isn’t something that needs fixing. Having a strong musculoskeletal support system and adequate range of motion is all one needs.

    • Thank you for your observations, I find that you are usually right on, the turn-out of my left foot needs to be brought in a bit. Thank you for taking a look and giving me that feedback 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment, sometimes those roads with no shoulders are a bit much, but tonight after running in NYC Central Park and 7th Ave, I am ready to get back to them as soon as I can :-).

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