New Clothes and a Huge Surprise

IMG_0116Yesterday, I HAD to go clothes shopping! 

I had more than a couple of shocks before I came out of the store.

For the past year I have been wearing mostly my running, workout clothes, or old stuff that I use to do yard maintenance, cut wood, etc. So I really haven’t paid all that much attention to style, fit or how things look on me all that much.

I was going to New York City for the weekend and needed to look presentable – in other words I needed to clean up my appearance a little.


A little background – I have lost around 50 pounds over past year and at least 8 inches off my waist

Old Clothes Didn’t Cut It

I hadn’t really thought about my clothes, after all I had been a teacher and wore a tie every day, so I figured that what I had would be find in the closet would be fine for my trip to New York this weekend.

So those 36 & 38 inch waist pants and the medium, large and extra large shirts looked pretty darn baggy when I put them on. I knew that I had lost a lot of weight and inches, but it really doesn’t hit you as far as how much until you put on the clothes that you used to wear to work and haven’t for a year.

TheWife looked at my wardrobe and told me in no uncertain terms (that way that only a loving wife can) that what was in the closet, looked pretty damn shabby on me now. When I looked in the mirror I had to agree with her and we both had a good laugh.

However, this meant I needed to update my wardrobe and me for this weekend. So we went off to Waterville to get a haircut (I didn’t really think that gray curls for a guy are in style – even in NYC) and a few new pieces of clothing.

The haircut was easy, high and fairly tight – that old military look that I like so well, some things just don’t change Smile.

Clothes, I let TheWife guide me on that, I tend to like oranges, yellows, you know those bright colors that you really don’t wear to a professional style meet and greet. She did a great job of helping me pick out great looking clothes (at least they look good to me) and they actually fit.

The biggest surprises were that:

  • My pant are now a 30 waist – I have not worn that size since high school. The smallest I have been had been 32 waist back in the mid 80’s. Needless to say I was very surprised, especially since when I did get a new pair of jeans a couple of months ago they were 32’s and the 30’s still had a bad muffin top.
  • Shirts – I am either a small or small medium and the best part was that they didn’t look like they were sprayed on, they fit comfortably.
  • The one thing that I forgot to get was a new belt, all of my belts are way too big, but I will make due with what I have, I just had to make a few more holes in the belt.

The reality is that

I am very happy with the progress I have made in my efforts to loose weight and inches, but was totally blown away with how the size of my clothes are now Smile.

Have you lost a lot of weight and then had to go out and buy new clothes and be totally blown away with the sizes that you now have to wear?


5 comments on “New Clothes and a Huge Surprise

  1. Hi there !
    I really loved your post and the nickname used to talk about your spouse, it sounded like she was some kind of entity full of wisdom and love! Awesome ! Also huge CONGRATULATIONS for the weight loss, it is impressive ! How did you do it ?

    • Thanks, TheWife would agree with your comment – that she is wiser than I am and yeah there is a lot of love there from us both for each other. I ran a lot, had long runs (longer than an hour) and ate good 80% of the time and didn’t stress out over what I ate the other 20% – it took the pressure off me trying to stay with something that isn’t me. I like my sugar and salt way too much to voluntarily give it up completely, but as long as I don’t feel deprived, I don’t over-indulge very often. Has worked so far, now I just have to stay at this weight and I have a sneaking suspicion that I will. 🙂

  2. Runnah, this is a great post. Every week I wear my favorite white shorts at least twice. I wore them to mow the lawn when at one point they were my best shorts and I didn’t want to wear them while eating. The reason I wear them so much is because their time on my hips are limited. I had to wear a belt with them and even that felt sloppy.

    It will be bitter sweet to stop wearing them.

    I notice the shock that you’re talking about in my interview pants. They are a size ten and I can’t remember the last time I swam in a size ten. Suspenders?

    Great job 🙂

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