No Running is Driving Me Nuts

IMG_0188Today is the third day that I haven’t run and it is driving me freaking nuts!!!

It must have something to do with the upcoming full moon Disappointed smile.

I want to go out right now and to 5-6 so badly, you wouldn’t believe it!

There is no doubt in my mind that I can do it without any problems, other than a little discomfort and being careful of the coyotes that are slinking around the neighborhood lately.

I know that I am doing the right thing by taking this time off but…

What is really amazing to me is all the little aches and pains that I am starting to notice, that I didn’t before. These tell me, along with my hip and hamstrings that I definitely needed this down-time to do some serious recuperating.

Hopefully, 5 days is going to be enough time – it is going to have to be, because Sunday, I am going to run an easy, slow and form focused 3.0 mile run.

I was a good boy

No I didn’t run in tonight’s Bond Brook 5K Trail Race, even though most of the responses to my poll told me to run it-but not for time or go ahead – run it. I know myself too well and so does TheWife, we both agreed that I would still try to run too fast and probably aggravate whatever is going on in my hip and just waste the healing that has been happening the past 3 days.

Not Just Sitting on the Couch

However, just because I have been running doesn’t mean I have been sitting on the couch eating chips and drinking beers. No I have been walking several miles a day (it doesn’t bother anything), on both roads and trails.

Colby Lower Trail yesterday

Colby Lower Trail Stream 8-29-12

Colby Lower Trail Hill 8-29-12

Quarry Rd Recreation Area today

Harold and Bennie at Quarry Rd 8-30-12

doing stretches, band exercises and lifting weights.

Along with the usual yard work that has to get done.


Still Losing

Strange as it may be, I have actually lost weight since I stopped running – I have gone from 150 to 145 in the last 3 days. I think adding in more fruits and stopping the after lunch chocolates are making a difference, along with the lower humidity.

Now if only I didn’t like the homemade Vanilla Coconut Cream Dream Cake that my stepdaughter made the other night, I would do really great! But it tastes darn good! Sorry I didn’t get any pictures before I finished tonight’s slab of cake Smile.

My Own Space

I did get some things done around the house, but the biggest thing that I glad that I did was getting my desk area setup. I have been doing a lot more work on the computer lately and desperately needed a space besides the table or my easy chair.

When both my wife and I were at home we had converted my old desk into a sewing center. Now that TheWife is going back to work and I will be working from home I set up my “office” again.


I have a million dollar view of our backyard and as long as there isn’t too much wildlife to distract me, it will be great.

Critters in back yard

Squirrels on the feeder, turkeys wandering around and hummingbirds at their feeder, along with all the different birds makes for a few distractions from time to time.

While the desk is pretty small, it works for what I need it to do – write blog posts and do some vlogging. I know that I am glad that I the dual screen capability again, it just makes my life so much easier when using the computer. 

Although I have been keeping myself very busy, it just isn’t the same as when I am running! While I know this rest break was/is necessary, but I will be damn glad when Sunday gets here and I go out for that easy 3.0 mile run Smile,

After all I am what I am – a Runnah!.


2 comments on “No Running is Driving Me Nuts

  1. I’m glad you didn’ run the race, I actually voted no because I have made that mistake myself. Not running sucks but injuring yourself where you can’t run for months sucks more so you are doing the right thing!! PS-Don’t lose anymore weight you are “skinny”enough!!!!!

    • I am too, but I really, really wanted to! I am not trying to, I am eating a lot and even having slabs of cake :-), so I don’t know I am right where I want to be. I want to stay between 145 and 150, seems like a great weight for me.

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