Running in my Newton Gravity’s Again

IMG_0309I have been not happy with my other running shoes and have had too many pairs of running shoes this year that have become closet shoes.

You know the shoes that runners put in the closet and might or might not ever see the light of day again. If they do – it is usually to become something other than running shoes or be thrown in the give-away box after while.

As a result, I have been researching what running shoes I want to try next. Isn’t that the story of my life as a runner – always looking for that “perfect” running shoe?

I found a pair that I really wanted to try and they were one of my Top 5 shoes to look at last February.

Small problem – life got in the way. The truck developed a leak in a transmission line and needed a new brake calipers, so getting a new pair of shoes is out of the question for now – TheWife is understanding, but the budget can only take so much. I had to come up with an alternative plan.

My alternative plan

Look in the closet to see what was still in there, that might be useable for about a month. I “found” my old Newton Gravity’s and thought about them.

Newton StitchesBack in May, I had to perform surgery on my Newton Gravity’s, to stop them from biting into my ankle. Before I could run in them, after the second surgery, TheWife got tired of my whining, washing bloody socks and told me to go get another pair of running shoes – I did.

Last week I got to thinking, the Newton’s only had around 170 miles on them and except for the ankle biting thing, I really liked them. The few times that I ran in them, after “fixing” them, they didn’t bother my ankle. I had thought about adding the Gravity’s back into my shoe rotation before, so I decided that I would try running in them for the week.

Great Decision

Once I started running in them again, I remembered why I liked the Newton Gravity so much. Especially since they were not rubbing my right ankle raw anymore!

By the time I got to the 5th run in them this week, I was running better and just felt comfortable running in them.  The Gravity’s reward me for landing correctly, I can tell when I am not and they just make me feel faster than other shoes I have been running in this year.

I did a video to compare how I run in them versus other shoes and I feel different running in the Newton’s and yes it is better.

It is so great that the Gravity’s are working out this great for me right now. I have over 220 miles on them and while there is some wear on the soles, it isn’t very bad compared to other shoes I have had at this point.



The wear shows me, that I am still toeing off, instead of lifting. The video show that I am over striding a bit when I pick up my pace. I feel pretty good about my stride and form when I am running in the Gravity’s.

This means when I go running shoe shopping next time, that I am planning to look closely another pair of Newton’s in addition to a couple of other shoes, which I hadn’t been planning to do before this week.

I haven’t decided which style of Newton’s that I will be looking at, but it won’t be the Gravity’s – the open mesh uppers don’t work for me. Running on dirt roads, shoulders and ditches around here, little pebbles find their way in, which can be distracting and painful. Also it is getting closer to cold weather and open mesh uppers don’t work real well during Maine winters Winking smile.

The reality is that

I was very frustrated with the Newton’s back in May, but I am glad that I was able to customize the Gravity’s and also that I kept them! They don’t rub my right ankle raw and have become a very comfortable shoe for me now. 

The added advantage to being able to run in the Newton’s is that it gives me a little time to get the budget back to normal and do some more research on which running shoes I should look at next.

Let’s see…it time to fire up the browser and start searching for new running shoes again, maybe this time I will find that elusive “perfect” running shoe…I can dream can’t I.

Could it be the Newton’s or will it be another brand of running shoe – hard to say?

What do you think? 

What style of shoe should I be looking at?


2 comments on “Running in my Newton Gravity’s Again

  1. Another veteran runner here. After 25 years of ASICS, I bought a pair of Sir Isaac’s 2 months ago and have gradually been phasing them in. I have a 100+ miles on them and survived my longest run (9.5) without too much calf pain, which has been a real problem for me. I’ve been alternating these with my traditional shoes GT2170 but am looking at getting either a 2nd pair of Newton’s (possibly the Gravity although they are really expensive) or a lower profile shoe from another brand. I am still guilty of overstriding at times and have not been able to get my cadence to the desired 180 but have been able to run much faster in these shoes (almost 15-20 seconds per mile) which has been a pleasant surprise. Judging from the wear, I am probably staying off my heel 80% of the time, but often miss the lugs and am going too much forefoot. It’s a process and I am still struggling with how much of the advice I am going to take as having long legs and a long stride is an advantage I don’t want to entirely give up. In any event, what your video proves is how hard it is to judge in fast motion how people strike. I have downloaded an app called slo-go on my iphone but have not used it yet to truly see how I am running. Hopefully soon.

    • Adam – I like my Newton’s a LOT since my shoe surgery on the plastic heel counter. They are my goto shoe and I do run faster in them than I do others I have run in. When I get tired I tend to revert back to heel striking, but in the Newton’s I feel the difference and correct it more quickly than I would otherwise. Videoing how you run is good, but I don’t have the smart phone so I don’t have access to that app, maybe I should look for sports software for the my PC to actually look at how my form is – thanks for the idea. I will be interested in hearing how you do.

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