GREAT Half Marathon Training Run 9/10/12

P9100005Have you ever had one of the runs where everything just felt right!!!!

Today I had one of those runs Smile!!!

It was in the low 60’s, a slight breeze at my back, I did my stretches like a good boy before I ran, carbo- loaded last night and at lunch with a slab  of Coconut – Vanilla cake, with whipped cream frosting (yes my step-daughter made it again – darn-it).

Due to the new schedule around the house, I don’t run my long run until almost 2:00 P.M. So it was a lot later than usual. My splits were:

  • Shepard Road – 7:35
  • Middle Road – 12:30 (4:54)
  • Pam’s Play Care – 25:13 (12:42)
  • Augusta Town Line  38:10 (12:57)
  • Civic Center Drive – 48:51 (10:40)
  • Leighton Road – 56:13 (7:22)
  • Bond Brook Road – 01:05:59 (9:45)
  • Mt. Vernon Drive – 01:15::45 (9:45)
  • College Carryout – 01:20:24 (4:39)
  • Rail Trail .25 – 01:30:28 (10:03)
  • Rail Trail 1.25 – 01:38:22 (7:53)
  • Rail Trail back to .25 – 01:45:58 (7:36)

I was very surprised at my first mile and during the run I was running faster than usual, but comfortably. At no time during the run was I breathing real hard or feel like I was pushing, until the last 1/4 mile. I felt like I had another gear or two the whole time I was running and could have gone faster if I wanted too.

With all the difficulty that I have had with my hamstrings/periformis (butt cheeks) and right hip, I didn’t want to push it too much. There is still some discomfort in those areas and I am up to about 80-85%, but it definitely improving.

This run was more like a really good 13.1 mile tempo run, than a long slow distance, that really helped my confidence level! If I can run this well or better for a half-marathon race, I would be very happy.

What shoes did I wear – the Newton Gravity’s and I didn’t have any problems at all related to shoes during the run. Needless to say I am very impressed with them again.

Today was fun!

P9100006After the run, I ran from Rail Trail Mile Marker .25 to my wife’s work which was about .55 miles and I made it up the hill by the D.A.’s office.

It was at survival shuffle speed, but I did it without stopping.  I had never made it all the way up this hill and this was after 13.1 miles, so that was another good part of the run.

RunLog 9-10-12


6 comments on “GREAT Half Marathon Training Run 9/10/12

  1. Great job! My hip was bothering me tonight. I was trying to hurry to beat darkness. I need to take a look under the hood to see what’s going on. Maybe just need a good stretching. Glad you’re getting better!

    • Thanks Katy – I hope so, the stretching seems to be helping. I am using a rolling pin on my hips and rolling on a tennis ball seems to help too :-). I don’t have a foam roller, so I have to improvise

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