Form Correction and Good 6.0 Miles 9/16/12

I spent a lot of this morning looking at video of my running form using a new program, that I found while reading The Science of Running Blog, called Tracker. Which I used to really focus on figuring out why I was having so many aches and pains on my right side and my left side felt fine.

After watching the video from last weekend, only this time going frame-by-frame, I discovered something that I think is very pertinent to my right hip hurting.

If you look at the below images you can see that my right foot crosses the center line – which forces my hip out stressing it, while my left leg remains mostly under my hip.

Gait Analysis 9-16-12.8 Gait Analysis 9-16-12.3
Gait Analysis 9-16-12.4 Gait Analysis 9-16-12.5

As you can see there is a quite a difference between my right and left sides! This information gives me a great starting point, to really start correcting my form.

On my run this afternoon, I really, really focused on straightening out that leg and stride. It really helped a lot and my hip discomfort was really reduced, compared to what it has been. I think the combination of using my Newton’s (which give me immediate feedback on how my feet are landing) and focusing on changing my right leg’s form to be straighter.

I ran 6.0 miles today and with this new focus and actually knowing what I wanted to change, instead of saying in general – I am working on my form, made a big difference. I didn’t feel like I was working as hard as I had been and didn’t land with my right hip sticking out, which stressed the ligaments and muscles, which was causing a lot of my discomfort.

My splits were:

  • Shepard Road – 7:51
  • Middle Road – 12:47 (4:55)
  • M&A Repair – 20:26 (7:39)
  • Blake Road – 26:32 (6:05)
  • Mile Mark 4 – 33:41 (7:08)
  • My Mail Box – 42:15 (8:33)
  • Philbrick/Howard Lap – 50:04 (7:48)

I was surprised at the difference that this little change made in my efficiency and how I felt when running. I know that my other muscles will need to adjust to this, which will take time and feel unnatural for a while.

I am very happy with how I felt during the run today and the differences it made in my hip felt. This might not be the entire solution, but I strongly believe that it is at least a part of the problem.

RunLog 9-16-12


5 comments on “Form Correction and Good 6.0 Miles 9/16/12

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  2. I know you lift weights (or at least I think you do) but maybe strengthening those specific hip muscles, and focusing on form and working each leg separately will help while you also correct your running form. A lot of times crossing over the body is a reaction of weak muscles, and in your case an imbalance in muscles. Have you ever seen someone running and it looks like they are kicking their foot out to the side – almost like a propeller .. they swing their feet rather than lifting up their knees and making a forward motion. That is due to weak hips as well. I think it’s great that you analyzed your form. A lot of people say “I can’t run because it hurts my ___” when really running will emphasize weaknesses – you can strengthen them, correct them, and running will no longer hurt your ___. Running will feel GREAT! I am having some sore hips too and I think I need to hit the weights and stretch. Racing coming up so I’ll keep it light!

    • Hi Katy – I lift light weights/hig reps (20-30) 2-3 times a week and I am trying to get into a schedule of stretching/bending and using elastics for resistance most nights at 7:00. I have a feeling you are right about the weakness on my right side, that is the side that damaged pretty bad when I fell off the roof/ladder back in 2007 – that was quite the day 🙂 couldn’t work for a week.

      I look forward to seeing how you do on your race that is coming up!

    • Thanks Amanda, hopefully, some of the results will be good to go for the RW races :-). The program was open source and I am sure does a lot more than I use it for right now, will be learning more about it as I use it more – I am sure.

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