Bond Brook Trail Exploration Run–9/27/12

P9270004Today I went over to Bond Brook and did most of the 5K course plus a lot of other parts of the trail system.

When I went over to the new access road, WOW!!! is all I can say. I am very impressed with how well it turned out, I will get some pictures, so I can show before and after.

Then I took a right to see where the other dirt road went, but by the time I got to Gate 6, I knew that I would go over the time limit I had set and turned around.

Turn around

The run itself was nice, the weather was in the 60’s, sunny with a light breeze, all in all a perfect day for running. The best part was that I got to run trails, the day before a my big 5K tomorrow – The Rise ‘N Shine 5K in Augusta.

I am not going to put any extra pressure on myself but I am going to try to resurrect some of my past glory and wear my Nike Air Flo’s that I bought for racing back in the late 80’s. We will see how that goes Smile. I would like to break 22:00 for the 5K, but as long as I have fun, it really doesn’t matter.

I probably went further than 5.5 today, but the distance is close enough.

RunLog 9-27-12

Oh yeah, I did go out and buy some Injini toe socks this morning and tried them out, it was interesting and I plan to do a review on them after running a long run in them this weekend. I will tell you I wasn’t very disappointed, once I got the darn things on Winking smile.



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