Trust Your Training

IMG_0521Like most runners I have done a lot of running preparing for this fall’s racing season and have accumulated a few nicks, aches, pains and feel pretty tired (both mentally and physically).

So today I took a day off and didn’t do my scheduled track workout.

To be honest, I didn’t do anything but work on the computer and mow the lawn, no weights, no walk, nothing. It felt great! Tomorrow is my scheduled day-off and you know what, I plan to repeat what I did today and then on Thursday, I am seriously thinking about repeating it again. In other words taking off until Friday.

What do you mean Harold!??? You are less than 3 weeks away from the Runner’s World Half and 5K, you gotta get those last workouts in!

Really at this point in my training cycle missing a few days three weeks before my race is not going to affect my performance in those races all that much – if at all.

About the biggest thing that it would affect is my weekly and October’s mileage total, which really doesn’t mean anything in the big picture. But that is one of the things that really bothers me about not running…silly isn’t it. The other thing is that – I want to run, which is the harder for me to not do, since I could if I wanted to.

Actually taking the time off and letting my body heal up some of the small aches and pains that have accumulated, might be much more needed than a speed workout or some other training run this week. I still have one more easy long run scheduled this weekend and a couple of easy track sessions planned along with my regular runs as I start to taper for my races.

Stop and think about all the training miles we have done over the summer, to prepare for our fall race schedule, I have a feeling that most of us are all a little nicked up and tired.

If I had gone ahead and just kept pushing to meet my scheduled runs and mileage while feeling like I am, I believe there is more of a chance of pulling something or hurting myself during a run, which would have a much more negative effect on my running, than a few days off.

Personally, I believe that taking a few days off 3 weeks before your big race might be a good thing! It gives your mind and body a chance to recharge and heal up a bit, which I need now more than, more training mileage.

Most of us have done the work and are now just biding our time until our big race. Now is the time to trust your previous training and not worry if you miss a few workouts at this point in your race training cycle.

What do you think? 


12 comments on “Trust Your Training

  1. I needed this post today. To know its okay to miss a few days. Missing my runs yesterday and today weren’t intentional, but with teaching 3rd grade and board of Ed meetings after school today and tomorrow; I had no choice. Thanks for reminding me I have some ” miles” in the ‘bank’! See you in Pennsylvania!

    • Thanks Kara – I think that a lot of get too worried over missing a few days of running. Being a former teacher, I totally understand where you are coming from. I look forward to seeing you in PA.

  2. I was just thinking on my run this morning about wondering when the last time I took 3 days off. I’m not sure. I’m not going to look either, but I’m pretty sure that a 3-day break will happen relatively soon.

  3. It is something even the most seasoned runners need to remind themselves almost every heavy training cycle. Not in our nature to go so hard for so long and then…just…stop. Great reminder, Harold. And best of luck with your fall racing season!

  4. I agree whole heartedly. My half is the same weekend as yours (sadly not the RW half) and I’m at a point where if the race were tomorrow, I’d be OK. I’ve put in the time and training. Physically and mentally, I’m done and it’s starting to show in my runs. I have one long run this weekend, then I’m taking it easy until race day so I can recharge and enjoy the experience rather than hobble and curse my knees and blisters for 2:20. Run strong!

  5. Very wise words. It’s so easy to get caught up in your training schedule and to be a slave to it. And you know what? Taking off days won’t totally put you back at square one which is what we all fear. Your three days of rest sound glorious and well deserved 🙂

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  7. I often take Thurs + Friday off. Not every week, but about every 4th week. I’m usually on an every other day run rotation, but sometimes we all just need an extra day or two. Honestly, I have BETTER long runs on the weekends where I took Thurs + Friday off. I am definitely someone who always sees great benefit from rest days 🙂 Hope you enjoyed yours!

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