A Very Busy Day and 2 Runs 10/6/12

PA060001It was one of those run-around days today. In the morning I went down to the Maine Running Company in Brunswick 43 miles from the house to meet @SethHasty.

He has talked with me on Twitter about getting a pair of Mizuno Ronin’s since August and finally, I told him to order them and today I picked up the pair that I ordered through MRC-B.

It is a bit of a drive down to Brunswick just to get a pair of running shoes, but it was worth it! I do like thePA060003 Maine Running Company and really wish that they would open a store in the Augusta area. They would probably get sick of seeing so much of me. Winking smile

I got back to Augusta and returned some the running gear, I got yesterday that was “too big”, not used to that. It is funny to say that, but it feels good. Still need to update my running shorts and get some more long sleeve tech t’s, but otherwise doing good with my running clothes now.

Then I stopped at the Verizon store and figured out which smart phone that I would get. I started out thinking that I would get an Android based phone, since I am fairly Google Centric in the Apps that I actually use every day. However, it was going to cost me a lot more money to go that way. We had gone up to the register and were getting ready to check out and at the very last minute, I decided to go with an iPhone 4S.

I had the 3G and can use some of the accessories from then and also have a bunch of Apps that will work fine on the 4S, so it just seemed better to stay Apple this time. Besides on Friday, I took the MacBook Pro in to see how it will cost to get it repaired, so going a bit back to Apple. Although I have a feeling that I will be booting it up in Win7 more than Snow Leopard or Lion. I am just more comfortable in the Windows environment.

I know that is blasphemy, but the way it is.

When I got home I had a bunch of updating the iPhone and getting IO6 on it. Now I have to learn Siri and the new functions, should be interesting. I even signed up for an hour free class at the Verizon store on Tuesday to learn more about the new iPhone.

After I got that all done, I went for a 7+ mile run in the Elixir’s and just ran a very steady run. I also used the Nike+ App to track my run and felt good to hear my mile split and then have things electronically filed. Instead of using geographic distance markers and not having to worry about forgetting to manually press the split time on my Timex Ironman Watch.

Nike 10-6-12

I was very pleased with consistency of my pace and how easy it was to maintain this pace in these shoes. They continue to impress with the smoothness of how they feel when I am running in them. They just don’t feel like a high drop shoe to me. I didn’t have time to go for a double-digit run today, but will try to again tomorrow and see how they are at a longer distance.

When I got back from that run, I decided to run another 3.0 in my new Ronin’s to see how they felt compared to the Elixir’s. At first the tread felt a little weird and slippery, but after about 1/2 mile they settled out and felt really good. I didn’t notice the snugness when I was running and was able to pick it up pretty good to a sub 7:00 minute pace for a short distance without pushing all that hard. Then it started pouring and I decided to cut it short and get back to the house. The Ronin’s felt great and will be a shoe I will look forward to running my next 5K in to see how it goes.

RunLog 10-6-12

It was great to finally put a face with the name and meet Seth! He was very gracious and made sure that the Ronin’s fit me properly. They are definitely not a trainer and are a racing flat, that were snug in the forefoot, not tight just snug, which surprises a lot of people. I liked the feeling when I ran in them for a short distance after I got home, but they are not a shoe I would just wear around for hours at a time. They are not that kind of shoe. They are light, fast and make you want to run faster.

I did enjoy having the GPS capability again and I like the Nike+ App. I might go ahead and try the updated iSmoothRun to see how it works compared to last Spring. I was thinking about the Garmin Forerunner 10, but as I use he Nike+ site more again, I remember why I liked it so much. Just can’t manually add any workouts, have to have Nike do it.

While it was a busy day, I did get a lot done, spent too much money and met someone that I have wanted to meet for a while now. He is running the Marine Corps Marathon this year, so I wish Seth a great race, he looked ready and seemed confident about how he was going to do, which is the right attitude to approach a race Smile.

It will be interesting to hear how he does.

Now I have to get caught up on all the new shoe reviews that I have ahead of me plus my new 1BandID and Injinji socks, just a lot going on.

I will say this it feels good to have a smartphone again. Now I just have to learn the new functions.

Yes I now have 2 Mizuno running shoes. I ordered the Ronin’s from Seth, before I was selected to be a participant in the Mezamashii Project. I didn’t feel right about ordering something and then cancelling it because I got a free pair of running shoes from Mizuno, so I kept the order and purchased the Ronin’s.

I guess I am old fashioned that way and that is just a part of who I am.

The shoes are designed for different functions, so they will be a part of my current 3 shoe road running rotation.


Picture taken with the iPhone 4S


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