4.0 Mile Hike and 6.0 Mile Run 10-7-12

Today we did our favorite hike down in Montville, which is around 4.0 miles (4.2 via GPS). Instead of writing about it here is the photo album and they pretty much show a lot more than I could ever explain about how beautiful this hike is Smile

We both really like the stream area – it is so peaceful.

After getting home, I worked on the Toyota for a while and then decided to go for a run. It was in the low 50’s so I opted to run an pretty easy 6.0 miler. I wanted to try the iSmoothRun App for my iPhone 4S, but forgot to set up voice notifications to be each mile, so I had to put up with a five minute reminders.

IMG_0027I had another Brilliant Run!!! I just ran consistently and didn’t push the pace until Steven’s Hill and the last mile.

The Mizuno Elixir’s so far, just run like I do – they feel like an extension of my feet. I am not fighting them and just running, instead of trying to do this or do that.

Oh I am still working on keeping my arm swing short/quick, standing tall and trying for a quicker turnover. But I just feel comfortable running again. It is amazing what a pair of shoes that fit your running style do for your confidence.

Cadence is the big reason that I want to the use iSmoothRun App, because it records an estimate of your cadence, which I think is important. Today my estimated cadence was 86, which wasn’t quite at the 180, but not too far off. So I was happy with that. The iSmoothRun App also syncs to the Nike+ Website, which I like a lot, so win-win if it continues to be accurate with the mileage. Impressed so far with the changes, will let you know more after a week of using it.

Nike 10-7-12

Overall, the run was just one of those runs, where you feel really good and everything feels good! It seems since I started running in the Elixir’s that I feel good about my running again. My average pace for the year is around 8:40 and with the Elixir’s it is around 8:20, so something is going right in them.

RunLog 10-7-12


2 comments on “4.0 Mile Hike and 6.0 Mile Run 10-7-12

  1. Great pictures. It looks like a beautiful hike.

    I ran in Mizunos for the first time today. I loved them I felt like they cradled my feet. After more than 20 years runnng I am still on the lookout for the perfect shoe. I don’t know of it exists, but these have potential.

    • Debbie, I have run in the Elixir’s 3 times and they just feel right so far. I have been searching for the perfect shoe since I couldn’t get the Adidas Blue Marathon Trainers w/the Dillinger Web anymore. Like you say these have potential. I will know better at the 300 mile mark :-).

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