AVR–Week In Review 10/7/12

IMG_0027This was a cut-back week, I took 3 days off, well 2, but now running only 2.5 miles to go get the car from the repair shop is more of a day off, than a run Smile.

Thinking about it, how things have changed since last year, when I thought running that far was a longer run. I still reached 30 miles for the week and that felt really good.

I have a feeling that this little bit of rest is going to help me be more ready for the Runner’s World Half Event in less than 2 weeks. As I stated in my Trust your Training post, at this point, I don’t believe have a few days off is going to make much of a difference and will only help.

Mezamashii Project

This week, I got to take part in Mizuno’s Mezamashii Project as part of a FitFluential campaign and got choose a pair of Mizuno Running shoes that they would send to me for free. I chose the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s and have been very impressed. I applied for the Mezamashii when it started and I really liked the idea of what Mizuno was doing, getting their shoes out in the hands of real people and let them tell their story about running in their shoes.

Over the course of the summer I have talked with @SethHasty and he has talked to me about the Mizuno Ronin’s and I finally ordered them last week through the Maine Running Company in Brunswick, before I knew about my selection to the Mezamashii Project. Yes I could have cancelled the order, but I needed a new pair of racing shoes and the Ronin’s are a racing shoe not a pair of trainers. So I decided to keep the order and so far am happy that I did. Yes they were a personal purchase.


I also ordered and got my 1BandID, an identification tag that I can put on my watch band. I thought that it was important to have something to identify myself, just in case. You never know when something bad might happen and I usually don’t carry much for ID, especially when running in a race, so this was something that I thought was a GREAT idea and TheWife thought so too.

iPhone 4S

One more big thing – I got another smartphone! I initially looked at getting the Droid, but it turned out too much money for the initial change over, so I ended up getting the iPhone 4S and have been working on getting it setup the past couple of days. So far I like it a lot, the GPS Apps are a lot more accurate than my old 3G was, but the battery life sucks pretty bad. Now I have to go ahead learn the little tricks to get more battery life out of it. The other thing is I only have a 2GB plan, so I have to be careful of how I use my data.

Running Summary This Week

RunLog Weekly Summary 10-7-12

This week in a word: Busy

Top 10 Posts

Here are my top ten posts for the past week based on page views:

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  3. 50 Mile Review of Altra Instincts
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  5. Trust Your Training
  6. Newton Gravity–After 50 Miles
  7. Tommie Copper – Is Working
  8. Mezamashii–First Run Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 Was a Brilliant Run
  9. The New Nike+ Website is Up
  10. What is Fast and Does It Matter

My Favorite post from the week: What is Fast and Does It Matter


I bounced between 143 and 147 and is a little lower than I want to be for this point in my training cycles. Next year for the marathon I want to be around 140, but now I want to stay right around 145-150. It seems that I am still loosing, even though I am not trying, guess it means, that I get to eat more Winking smile.


No real injuries, but I have continued to experience some discomfort and tiredness in my hamstrings, butt cheeks (periformis) and right hip.- so I took really took off three days this week and it seemed to help a lot.

Running Shoes

Mizuno Elixir 7

These were the shoes that I got through my participation in the Mezamashii Project. They have 18.44 miles on them in the 3 days that I have had them. In that time I have done something that I haven’t done for a while – JUST RUN! The Elixir’s feel like an extension of my body, I am running comfortably and they haven’t bothered me in any way. I have run in lower drop shoes most of the year and yet these shoes which are listed as a 12MM drop, feel a LOT lower than that. Plus they do have enough protection for those times when I do land on my heels. It will be interesting to see how they are at 50 miles.

Mizuno Ronin

1.4 Miles. I am planning that the Ronin’s will be my race day, track workout or if I want to do a fast-paced tempo run. I have only run 1.4 miles in them so far and will be using them on the track on Tuesday for the first time, so it will be interesting to see how they do. They are a little snug through the forefoot then I am used to now, their fit reminds me a lot of the old ASICS Excalibur from the early 80’s.

Newton Gravity

Are now retired and went into the give-a-way box at the Maine Running Company with a final total of 302.96 miles on them. They were good shoes, but I didn’t want to keep bringing them out of retirement. Maybe someone else can use them.

Altra Instinct

Now have 161.9 miles on them. I love the shoe, but it seems that when I run in them the zero drop exacerbates any of my form flaws and I have plenty. I plan to use them as my change of pace shoe with the Elixir’s and Sonic 3’s.

Adidas Adizero Sonic 3

No runs in them this week.

Adidas Vigor TR

No trail runs in them this week, however, I used them on the hike today and they did great!

Running Goals

I reviewed my 2012 running goals 2012 Mid-Year Goal Review and Update and updated them.

The reality is that

I have a lot going on and been extremely busy, but it has been fun. It will be very interesting to see what I think about the Mizuno’s and the iPhone 4S over the next month or so. I know that I am getting really excited about the Runner’s World Half Event that I will be going to from 10/17 to 10/22 and really looking forward to running the 5K and Half that weekend and meeting everyone down there.

Thank you for your support and reading posts from “A Veteran Runnah” again this week.

Run While You Can and Keep smiling – good things will happen! Smile

Originally written by Harold Shaw and published at “A Veteran Runnah” © 2012 – All Rights Reserved. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Harold Shaw and A Veteran Runnah” with appropriate and specific directions or links to the original content.


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