Final Outdoor Track Workout and BRRRR 10/9/12

Colby 2All I can say is after a summer of really warm temperatures, when I drove by Fred’s Coffee in Waterville this morning I didn’t expect it to say 33 degrees F not C.

At the house the thermometer read 40 degrees, so it was 7 degrees colder just 10 miles further north. I don’t care what anyone says when it gets in the 30’s it is cold.

Cold enough that I put on my new tights, long sleeve tech top and t-shirt and was still cold after the first couple of miles! With the breeze blowing a bit, I was glad that I had gloves, but didn’t bring my ear warmers – I will remember from now on! They were pretty cold when I got done.

What do you think of an old geezer in tights – fashion statement or practical? I know my answer.

Oh hell – enough complaining about the cold, this is Maine after all – it is October and it will get colder. But this was the first real cold weather run this year, so I can whine once or twice.

I got to try the Mizuno Ronin’s and I really liked them on the track workout. They were comfortable, didn’t get in the way, no slapping the track and I just felt comfortable running in them. It really wasn’t planned to be a hard track workout 1.0 mile warm-up 8 x 1/4 and 1.0 mile cool down in lane 4. I just ran for total time/distance and only timed quarters 4 (1:35:55) and 8 (1:42:66).

Besides with temps in the 30’s, I didn’t want to take a chance on pulling something – man am I getting wimpy in my old age Winking smile.

NikePlus 10-9-12

No I wasn’t trying to go fast, today was more to just get out there and move around the track, see how the iSmoothRun App worked on the track (I need to do some more programming/learning on this one) and have some fun and get to see how the Ronin’s performed (better than I expected!)

I am officially in taper mode for the Runner’s World Half Event on 10/20 (5K) and 10/21 (#RWHalf) and am looking forward to the trip to Pennsylvania. From everything that I have seen and read, it looks like a great event, even if there are a few hills to run during the races.

RunLog 10-9-12


I have never done a real taper before, so this is something very new for me, so if someone notices that I am overdoing my training please let me know, I would appreciate it Smile. The picture below says it all

colby 3

I’m done


4 comments on “Final Outdoor Track Workout and BRRRR 10/9/12

  1. What a great feeling to finish off a season of speed work! Glad you ended it on a high, if not chilly, note.

    I need to start tapering for the half, but sadly cannot until Sunday. I am running 20 on Sat. and part of that will include about 7 miles hard as part of the Balt. marathon relay. But next week I will do next to nothing to make up for it!

    • Amanda – it felt good and it felt better to not really worry about the lap times, just perceived effort :-). I will probably still do my usual 10 on Saturday (but not as much Thursday/Friday and then really cut back next week to easy 3-5 milers to keep things loose and probably do some strides next Thursday during an easy 3.0 miler.

    • As I get older I find that I enjoy 45-60 a little more, 30’s get my attention more than they used to and it all depends on the winds 🙂 Never used arm sleeves, that is something I might have to try 🙂

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