A Windy 5.0 Miles–10/11/12

IMG_0029After yesterday’s scheduled day off, I was ready to run this morning. Taking a day off is hard for me, but it is something that I really have to do.

Today at the last minute I decided to do the 5.0 mile Middle Road Loop with a few hills in it.

The wind was blowing 15-20 miles an hour which was great going out, but when I hit the Blake Road on the way back, it got my attention pretty good.

There was also a definite chill in the air and unfortunately, my time running around heah in shorts and a t-shirt like I did today are coming to a close. Knowing me I will push it until the very end and suffer through 1-2 miserably cold runs before I wise up and use my colder weather gear all of the time.

When I started out, it felt like I was around a 9:00 minute pace, I just couldn’t get my rhythm going early today. I couldn’t hear my iPhone on the splits very well in the way that I had to carry it today, so that was a little useless in that respect – Memo to self have to find comfortable way to carry iPhone and be able to hear mile splits.

Nike 10-11-12

My splits told a different story, actually they were not nearly as slow as I was feeling they were. But you can see when I hit the headwind that it slowed me down pretty good. I was surprised and happy with the times though.

I am starting into taper mode with tomorrow probably being my last double-digit run before the 5K and Half Marathon at Runner’s World on 10/20 and 10/20.

Hopefully this reduced mileage will give my legs a chance to heal up and by the time the races come around, I will be ready to go Smile.

RunLog 10-11-12


2 comments on “A Windy 5.0 Miles–10/11/12

    • In some ways I prefer to hear the pace at the mile splits, it gives me feedback on what I am doing that day. But I agree there are some days that I just turn off all noise and will just run :-). Thank you for the RW luck, now I just have to trust my training.

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