Last Long Run Before #RWHalf Was GREAT! 10-12-12

Today was definitely a Fall day, it was 48 F with 20+ mph winds out of the NNW – luckily I was going South, so it was at my back most of the run :-). It would have been a lot different if I would have run into the wind. I did run in shorts, long sleeve tech shirt and a tech t-shirt on top and felt comfortable once I got past the first mile.

I really didn’t know how I would do today, my legs felt a little tired before the run and I walked 2.4 miles in the morning, so I was realistically looking at around a 1:50:00 for 13.0, if I even would run that far, but I was pretty sure that I would run at least double-digits. I exceeded my expectations by a lot!

Here are the splits for today:

I was shocked when I first saw these splits, I felt that I was running pretty good, but not this good. For me to have 4 mile splits at a sub 8:00 pace on a training long run is unheard of, at least not something that I have done in a long, long time. Even going up that steep hill in Augusta by where Parmeleau’s used to be didn’t slow me down all that much.

I wore everything that I plan to wear during the half marathon and everything worked perfectly! However, I really think that the Mizuno Elixir’s are making a huge difference in how I am running now and am very happy that I was selected for the Mezamashii Project.

This run was the confidence booster that I needed and while the Runner’s World Half Marathon will be run on a fairly hilly course, I think that I can meet my goals there, but am not overly concerned if I don’t. The RW Half run is more about the experience, than the final time.

That being said, I set the bar pretty high today for future Half Marathon for me :-).

This the fastest I have run a long run this year!

During the run, I really focused on taking shorter strides and having a quicker cadence. According to iSmootRun my average cadence was 87 for the run (getting closer to that 90+ that I want), and for most of the run I was hitting 88, until I slowed down a little. I do have to work on learning the commands in iSmoothRun better, since I somehow had it on the wrong setting and the voice notifications were not what I wanted.

This was one of those great confidence builder runs and I had to laugh, when I was getting ready to take a shower, TheWife commented that I was starting to look too skinny – which means I am starting to look like a runner again. When I stepped on the scale it read 141, a weight I have not seen in a long, long time :-). She is worried that I am getting too skinny, but I have a feeling that the weight will come back on pretty quickly after Runner’s World.


6 comments on “Last Long Run Before #RWHalf Was GREAT! 10-12-12

      • How long are you in the area for? I’m about 40 minutes or so from Bethlehem. I do have a Sat night and Sun morning race and only 1 kid sporting event (but not sure about my wife’s work schedule next weekend).

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