Nice Recovery Day Run 10/13/12

Today’s run was simply to get a good recovery run in after yesterday’s long run. I felt pretty good and really had to work to slow down, instead of just running. I wanted to get over 4.0 miles in and stay around a 9:00 minute pace.

I almost slowed down to the 9:00 minute pace that last mile, but I felt strong the entire run and ran with the brakes on the whole way!

It feels good to be able to run 13.2 miles and still feel good the next day :-).

Hopefully, over the course of the week all those little aches and pains that have accumulated have a chance to go away and next Saturday and Sunday when I am in Pennsylvania, I am able to have fun and run well.


2 comments on “Nice Recovery Day Run 10/13/12

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when the day after 13 miles doesn’t feel like a big deal! I think you will be just fine when race day comes, just take the week to let the legs have happy and easy runs and you will breeze through that race 🙂 I myself ran 10 yesterday and don’t feel any affects today so I’m a bit happy to have my legs in that mode. Good luck!

    • Christine – It feels nice, but I have also worked hard to get to this point :-). Since April, I have tried to run at least one or two long runs of at least 13 miles to get me ready for this fall. I am glad you are feeling good after your long runs, you will be ready too. :-).

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