Feeling Ready After Todays Runs 10-18-12

This morning has been very hectic, trying to do things remotely that need to get done, and try to temper my excitement about the Runner’s World Half and 5K, this weekend.

Finally, it got to the point where I just needed to go for a run to burn off some excess energy and give the old brain a break.

So I ran the same 3.1 mile course. Only this time I didn’t start my running application, just my stopwatch. I purposely slowed myself down at a couple of different points of the run because I was going faster than I wanted to.

I had a good strong run and really like my new Zensa Calf Sleeves (which I purchased yesterday) – which will become something that I wear a lot when running. They are snug, not super tight and are very comfortable. 

Once I got back, I went on the treadmill again. The iSmoothRun app, doesn’t do too well on the treadmill and the time/distance were off. But that is okay, I did another 1.0 mile progression run of

  1. .25 @ 7.5 MPH
  2. .25 @ 8.2 MPH
  3. .25 @ 9.0 MPH
  4. .25 @ 10.0 MPH

Incline 0.5

I just want to keep myself moving a little faster and work on some leg turnover. After doing some faster work on the treadmill, I might have to look a little closer at joining a gym and going a couple of times a week, to work on my speed. Something that I want to think more about.

Overall, the runs today were very good. I may not run real fast at these races, but I am happy with my preparations.


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