Back to Running Again-Well Maybe 10/24/12

The Runner’s World Half Festival is over and the memories while great are just that memories. Now it is time to get back in my normal running routine again, so today, I went out to do an easy 5.0 mile run. Unfortunately, my hamstrings are not ready for running that far yet and I cut it a mile short.

The hammies were barking at me pretty good by the I got done running. Then this afternoon I rototilled the garden, probably didn’t help them, but it had to be done. I used The Stick to roll them out and that seemed to help a lot. I probably actually need to take a few days off and let them rest/heal up. See how they are tomorrow.

I slowed down a lot each mile, but it felt good to be out running.

I also did a 3.0 mile treadmill run on Monday, before I left the hotel, just to get the legs moving before the long drive home. I kept it slow and steady.




2 comments on “Back to Running Again-Well Maybe 10/24/12

  1. The rototilling sounds like not the thing to do post-race, but I fully understand. I’m writing my next post on the topic of the calendar conflicts of fall gardening and marathon tapering.

    • Fall gardening has to be done and the garden put to bed, so it was something I got done, but now will take a couple of days off from running and give the hamstrings a little breathing room :-). I will be interested in seeing that post, because gardening is a lot more of a workout than a lot of people think it s.

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