AVR – Week In Review #RWHalf the Main Story 10/21/12

This has been one of those weeks that I will remember for the rest of my life!!!

I got to go to the Runner’s World inaugural Half Event as a FitFluential Blogger. It was simply amazing all the great people who I got to meet (both at Runner’s World and other FitFluential Ambassadors). We were treated fantastically and it was worth driving down from Maine to attend the Event!!! Continue reading


AVR Week In Review 10/14/12


Today’s run was scheduled to be a 6.0 mile easy run, but I chose to do 3.0 instead. I don’t need the mileage for any particular total, so it made sense to just do enough to get over 40.0 miles for the week.

It was 48, overcast and damp, so I decided to wear sweat pants and jacket, just to keep all the muscles warm.

I ran in the Mizuno Ronin 4’s to get used to them more before next week’s 5K race.

They felt great and I just ran comfortably until the last half mile, when I decided to pick-up my pace. I got going pretty well, getting under 7:00 without too many problems. Continue reading

Mizuno Wave Elixir 7–50 Mile Review

IMG_0081I received a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s as part of the Mezamashii Project and as a FitFluential Ambassador just over a week ago.

As of today they have 50.8 miles on them. 50 Miles is usually a good point to do have found out things that you like and dislike about a pair of running shoes.

The Elixir’s are promoted as a light-weight supportive trainer, that could also double as a racing shoe for some.

They are not a minimalist or low-drop shoe, like most of the shoes that I have run in this year. They are a traditional running shoe with a 12MM drop, however, comparing how I run in them versus other lower drop shoes, I really don’t notice that much of a difference. The Elixir’s to me feel lower than their published stats.

So how have the Elixir 7’s done for me?

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What Does 12MM Drop Look Like

Are you as confused as I am about all this talk about stack heights, drop, zero drop, traditional, 4MM vs. 6MM vs. 12MM drop and millimeters? Yes I admit it – I do not think in millimeters, I think in inches and have a difficult time wrapping my head what all the hype is about.

From the conversations I have seen on Twitter and elsewhere, I am not the only one that is confused, bewildered and wondering if all the hype really makes a difference.

This post is not to take the side that one side is better than the other it is to simply give a picture of what the others are talking about when they are discussing zero drop, 4MM, 6MM, 12MM and different stack heights look like with images.

12MM Equals How Many Inches

For those of you more like me, who need more of a visual to figure things out, not just the numbers – this is what 12MM looks like compared to 6MM and 4MM.

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AVR–Week In Review 10/7/12

IMG_0027This was a cut-back week, I took 3 days off, well 2, but now running only 2.5 miles to go get the car from the repair shop is more of a day off, than a run Smile.

Thinking about it, how things have changed since last year, when I thought running that far was a longer run. I still reached 30 miles for the week and that felt really good.

I have a feeling that this little bit of rest is going to help me be more ready for the Runner’s World Half Event in less than 2 weeks. As I stated in my Trust your Training post, at this point, I don’t believe have a few days off is going to make much of a difference and will only help.

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Skora Base–Initial Impressions

IMG_0512I was talking with a Skora representative on Twitter last week and was offered the opportunity to review the Skora Base running shoes.

They arrived this morning and I couldn’t wait to try them on (disclaimer: they were provided at no cost to me and what I write about them are my opinions about the shoe).

As TheWife would say they look like “Harold” shoes. The Base are slip-ons, that have a Velcro strap to tighten them if you need to. I really like the looks of the Base and couldn’t wait to try them on. Before I did, I looked them over very closely and found that the construction and the quality of the fit and materials was all great. When I tried them on they fit like a glove, but with plenty of room in the toe box, which can be a problem with a lot of shoes for me.

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Running in my Newton Gravity’s Again

IMG_0309I have been not happy with my other running shoes and have had too many pairs of running shoes this year that have become closet shoes.

You know the shoes that runners put in the closet and might or might not ever see the light of day again. If they do – it is usually to become something other than running shoes or be thrown in the give-away box after while.

As a result, I have been researching what running shoes I want to try next. Isn’t that the story of my life as a runner – always looking for that “perfect” running shoe?

I found a pair that I really wanted to try and they were one of my Top 5 shoes to look at last February.

Small problem – life got in the way. The truck developed a leak in a transmission line and needed a new brake calipers, so getting a new pair of shoes is out of the question for now – TheWife is understanding, but the budget can only take so much. I had to come up with an alternative plan.

My alternative plan

Look in the closet to see what was still in there, that might be useable for about a month. I “found” my old Newton Gravity’s and thought about them.

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Recharging is Done – I Ran 3.1 Today! 9/1/12

IMG_0233I ran today!!! Yes by golly gumdrops – I ran and it didn’t hurt.

I know, I know it is a day early, but it was so gorgeous out that I just had to run.

You know – one of those days with low humidity, high 60’s, bright sunshine and a light breeze out of the North – an almost perfect day for running.

This week due to my self-imposed 4 days off, I have missed 4 of the best running days (weather-wise) in a long time and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I don’t believe that one day was going to make too much of a difference – as long as I wasn’t stupid about my run.

Also I got to thinking last night – I know a dangerous thing.

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12.6 Miles Done and Very Happy 8/15/12

P8150017I dropped the truck off to get some work done and do the inspection thing that is required here in Maine.

I thought this gave me a great excuse to go for a longish run and take a round-about route to get home. Something double-digit at around a 9:30 pace to see how the Adidas Adizero Sonic 3 handle a longer run – I ended up doing 12.6.

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First Run in Adidas Adizero Sonic 3

P8140007Today was my first run in the Adidas Adizero Sonic 3 running shoes that I bought today at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

I chose to do my first run in the Sonic’s to be a fairly tough run – My Middle Road Loop, which has hills, dirt roads and ditches to jump in to avoid vehicles.

I did this because it would tell me a lot about how the Adidas would treat my hammies and hip.

So how did they do?

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