AVR – Week In Review #RWHalf the Main Story 10/21/12

This has been one of those weeks that I will remember for the rest of my life!!!

I got to go to the Runner’s World inaugural Half Event as a FitFluential Blogger. It was simply amazing all the great people who I got to meet (both at Runner’s World and other FitFluential Ambassadors). We were treated fantastically and it was worth driving down from Maine to attend the Event!!! Continue reading

AVR Week In Review 10/14/12


Today’s run was scheduled to be a 6.0 mile easy run, but I chose to do 3.0 instead. I don’t need the mileage for any particular total, so it made sense to just do enough to get over 40.0 miles for the week.

It was 48, overcast and damp, so I decided to wear sweat pants and jacket, just to keep all the muscles warm.

I ran in the Mizuno Ronin 4’s to get used to them more before next week’s 5K race.

They felt great and I just ran comfortably until the last half mile, when I decided to pick-up my pace. I got going pretty well, getting under 7:00 without too many problems. Continue reading

AVR–Week In Review 10/7/12

IMG_0027This was a cut-back week, I took 3 days off, well 2, but now running only 2.5 miles to go get the car from the repair shop is more of a day off, than a run Smile.

Thinking about it, how things have changed since last year, when I thought running that far was a longer run. I still reached 30 miles for the week and that felt really good.

I have a feeling that this little bit of rest is going to help me be more ready for the Runner’s World Half Event in less than 2 weeks. As I stated in my Trust your Training post, at this point, I don’t believe have a few days off is going to make much of a difference and will only help.

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Week in Review 9/23/12

Track Photo

I have been fairly pain-free in my hamstrings, periformis and right hip, so I thought it would be a good time to try actually running in my Altra Instinct’s, instead of just slogging along in them (which I have done a few time lately).

Initially, I was slapping the ground in the Instinct’s, it was almost like I hadn’t ever run in them before. After about 1/4 mile, I started to feel more comfortable and at about the 1/2 mile point my stride started to become much smoother and finally after a mile I started to feel comfortable in them again.

I can tell when I am running well with good, because I am running quietly and smoothly.

Overall, my run down back was a good run, after that tough first mile, I was able to maintain a decent pace, after I smoothed out and didn’t feel as though I working nearly as hard as I have been. The best part was that none of the aches or pains that I previously thought might be attributable to way I run in the Altra’s, were evident when I got done!

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AVR Week In Review–9/16/12

P9160009This was the best week of running weather-wise of the year! Fall is definitely in the air at nights it is getting into the 40’s and and 60’s/70’s during the day. I know that I love running in this weather!

Today I think I found out some of the reason for my hip hurting so much lately and you can read about it in my daily runlog post from today.

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AVR–Week In Review 9/9/12

Running Form 9-9-12Today’s run

I went out for an easy 5.0 miler and didn’t push the pace at all during the run. The weather was mid-60’s and a light wind out of the north – it felt good. My splits were:

  • Mile 1: 8:25
  • Mile 2: 17:09 (8:44)
  • Notta Road Turnaround: 21:13 (4:03)
  • Mile 3: 25:16 (4:03)
  • Mile 4: 34:03 (8:46)
  • Mile 5: 43:15 (9:12)

I felt really comfortable the entire run, without pushing myself. Nice easy day.

This Week

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Week In Review–9/2/12

IMG_0230This week was highlighted by taking 4 days off to rest my hamstrings and right hip. I have been fighting these and other little aches and pains for the past 3 weeks or so, and I just got tired of hurting every time I ran.

So I took some time off and am coming back slowly with 3.1 yesterday and 4.0 today. Although I am trying to run a bit quicker than I have in the past.

I definitely needed the time down and I am feeling a lot better during my runs than I was!

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Week In Review 8-26-12

What a fantastic week!

I ran in Central Park and crossed it off my Bucket List.

I got to meet a lot of great people while I was in New York City for the weekend and have such a fantastic opportunity that I will talk a lot more about on September 17th.

As much as I whined and moaned about missing Maine, while I was in NYC, I did have a lot of fun and learned so much. Very glad that I got to go. Continue reading

Week In Review 8-19-12

This was a ramp-up week, to get back up where I want – around 45 miles for the week, after my cut-back last week and I actually did it.

The aches in my hamstrings and right hip seem to be getting better (slowly) and if I stopped running for 4-5 days would be a lot better, but I will keep running and just go a little slower and watch my mileage.

My favorite post from the past week was: Fitting a Square Peg Into a Round Hole

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Week In Review–8/12/12

P8100005This was my cut-back week and I actually did it. I stopped running when I got about 50% of my weekly total lately. This rest was definitely needed, I had a lot of little aches and pains that accumulated during my increased mileage of the past few months.

Hopefully, this will let me help my body recover and this week I am pretty sure that will stay about 75% of my 50 mile a week goal Smile.

My favorite post from the past week was: Who Else is Feeling the Aches and Pains

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