My Bucket List

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Every so often, I see someone’s bucket list on their blog and have done a couple myself. So I decided to create a bucket of things that I want to do related to running before I die.

To me running is not just about races, but also about people, places and creating memories. Racing just helps making the memories easier some times.

My bucket list:

  • Run a mile with my Grandkids
  • Run a 5K with TheWife
  • Work part-time in a running specialty shop
  • Find a pair of NIB Blue Adidas Marathon Trainers w/Dillinger Web Size 8
  • Become a certified Running Coach
  • Visit Runner’s World Offices and go for a lunch time run there I went to a BBQ at the RW Offices, but didn’t get the opportunity to run there.


  • Run a sub 6:00 minute mile – So far 6:42
  • Run a sub 20:00 minute 5K – So far 21:23
  • Run a sub 45:00 minute 10K
  • Finish a 1/2 Marathon, whatever time I run will be a PR  Finished Runner’s World Half Marathon in 1:41:10 on 10/21/12
  • Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Places to run

  • Coast Guard Group Portland to Bug Light O/B
  • Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod 5 mile loop (if I can back on the base)
  • Airport LoopSt. Ignace, MI
  • Washington D.C. during Cherry Blossom time, not necessarily the Road Race
  • The “Bitch” loop in Groton, CT
  • Munjoy Hill Loop, Portland, ME
  • Gunnison Beach Loop, Sandy Hook, NJ
  • Along the Charles River – Boston, MA

These are different courses that I ran when I lived in these places and I want to go back and relive a bit of my history.

There are some other places I would like to run if the opportunity presented itself like:

  • Acadia National Park Loop, Bar Harbor, ME
  • Cooperstown, NY – which would mean that I would be at Baseball’s Hall of Fame
  • Springfield, MA – visiting the Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Central Park, New York City

Races to Run

  • Mount Washington Road Race – entry only by lottery
  • Boston Marathon as a “legal”runner
  • Marine Corps Marathon in 2013 – 30 years after I finished in 1983
  • Maine Marathon
  • Beach to Beacon – Cape Elizabeth
  • Falmouth Road Race

I have tried to keep my bucket list some what realistic. I didn’t include too many that require me to either travel very far or to remain uninjured while training for them. However, the ones related to the marathons will be the toughest, since I haven’t been able to train for one without being injured before the marathon, since 1983.

Fantasy Bucket

Below are my choices if money were no object and my body would hold up:

  • Dipsea Trail Race
  • Athens Marathon
  • London Marathon
  • Western States 100

These are all races that I feel are either beyond my ability financially to travel to or athletically, but they are part of the bucket “dreamer” list.

  • Be a “sponsored” runner

Sitting down and having beer and pizza with:

  • Amby Burfoot Didn’t have the beer, but got to talk with Amby again at RW Headquarters on 10/19/12
  • Bill Rogers
  • Frank Shorter
  • Rod Dixon
  • Joan Benoit Samuelson

They have all been my hero’s when it comes to running. I would be a little star struck, but after the first beer, I have a feeling I would not be as intimidated by them.

To me running is not just about races, but also about people, places and creating memories. Racing just helps making the memories easier some times.

Those are my running bucket list things that I would like to accomplish at some point in my running career before I die.

Originally written by Harold Shaw published at Veteran Runner © 2011-2012 – All Rights Reserved. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Harold Shaw and Veteran Runner with appropriate and specific directions or links to the original content.

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