Brand Loyalty – Surprise it is Nike

Everything Nike 5-23-12

Since I started running in Nike running shoes again on Monday, I got to wondering what other stuff from Nike do I have?

Can I Do It?

I got to wondering if I could pull off a Nike only clothing/accessories and the picture is what I ended up with. I could have even done the watch, because I have a Nike heart rate monitor that I wear as a watch quite often, I just forgot to put it on.

What did I end up with going from the top down:

  • Hat – During the run, I ran in a white Nike running hat, but I am trying to not wear a hat when having pictures taken – I want to show off my gray hair! :-).
  • Shirt – Compression shirt – still have a slight roll around the middle, but not too bad for an old fart! I wouldn’t wear a compression shirt by itself all the time – I still need to firm up the upper body a lot, but I do like to wear it as an undershirt – it really cuts down on nipple chafing even in warm weather ;-).
  • I have a couple of other compression shirts and an “old” singlet that felt like I was wearing a small tent when I tried it on – that is why I went with the compression shirt.
  • However, I don’t have a Nike running jacket, but I do have a headband/ear warmer and gloves for colder weather.
  • Shorts – This was the toughest one. I only have one pair of Nike shorts  left and they were on the clothes line drying (still my favorites after all these years), so I had to go get them, but they are 7-8 years old and starting to look pretty tired.
  • Underwear – I am running in Nike Pro Combat Compression shorts. I have bought a couple of pair of these each month for the past couple of months and love them. I don’t get chaffed when I wear them, plus they are pretty damn comfortable too.
  • Socks – Nike Dri-Fit – it took me a while to get used to how snug they were, but now I really like them.
  • Shoes – My new Nike Free 4.0 v2 – which caused this post Continue reading

Questions about Brands being Loyal to Runners

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Yesterday I did a post on Brand Loyalty in Running and Eric alias “Running Moose” said in his comment: “Now if I can get them to be loyal to me…”

It got me to thinking – I know a bad thing sometimes, but not this time.

This is a pretty broad statement and yet I have heard this same sentiment from many runners and even myself over the years – that brands/companies are not very loyal to their loyal customers.

I want to ask other runners opinions on this topic, before I go off and spout my opinions and theories about brands being loyal to their customers.


  1. What is your definition of loyalty to a customer?
  2. In your opinion what do brands do now to show loyalty to their customers?
  3. What could brands do differently to show more loyalty to their customers?
  4. How could brands use Social Media to create better brand loyalty by customers?
  5. What do you personally expect in return for being loyal to a brand?

If you could respond to the questions in the comments section below, I will put together a post with the results after Friday.

No I am not doing this as a study for any of the brands, this is something that I am just doing.

Brand Loyalty in Running


Probably it is better said, the lack of brand loyalty in running – at least from my experience.

Brand loyalty is something that companies have tried cultivate with their customers, ever since people began to buy/sell or trade. If a company can get you to believe that their product is better for you than their competitors, you will come back for repeat business when you need that product again.

Companies/brands also hope that you tell your friends, family or others that you have influence with, about how great a product that company has, so they will in turn buy from them. A very simplified version of marketing 101.

Am I an expert on marketing or how to develop brand loyalty?  Hardly. I am simply a consumer, who has bought a lot of stuff over the years. I have also been a runner for a while and have seen a lot of the running companies attempts to garner my brand loyalty, to their products or company.  Continue reading