It is Time to Stop Experimenting as Much

Barefoot Running 9-18-12Over the course of the next 13 months I am looking to start using running equipment that I will be using to train for the Marine Corps Marathon 2013 under 3:30.

There are new and not so new innovations that can help runners train more efficiently and effectively, as well as reduce downtime due to the little aches and pains we all seem to collect when training hard.

This past year has been about finding out what running equipment works for me and doing a lot of experimenting with different shoes, apps, clothes, socks, etc. It is now getting the equipment that I will be using to prepare for MCM2013.

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Base Time for 10K 4-4-12

Today was supposed to just be an easy day, where I just plug along without working too hard. I got down to the bottom of the hill in 7:56 (the GPS was only off about 200 yards today 😦 ) and just kept going at a steady pace without trying to push too hard. Going up the hills I felt pretty good and didn’t really slow down all that much, which means I am starting to get in shape a little.

Pace/Elevation Chart 4-4-12

I did slow down some when I got to the dirt road part of the course, the tire ruts and muddy areas, just make footing unsure and I don’t want to twist an ankle or a knee for no reason. I went up and over my repeat hell (hill) pretty easily and then that last hill.  I am not sure why, it isn’t that tough of a hill, but I always slow down when I get to it, must be something psychological about it.  I am going to have to do hill repeats for a few weeks on it to get over its effect on me. Yech, but effective. Continue reading

New Attitude and Yes I Enjoyed my Run – 2-24-12

Today is the first day of the rest of my running life. Yes I say that almost every day, but today it has a little more meaning. I made some decisions last night and this morning about what I was doing with my running and how I was beginning to feel about it. See my post on Is Running becoming too much like work for more info on what I am talking about.

I went into today’s semi-long run with a different attitude and wasn’t really all that worried about my time, and just went more on effort level and really listened to my body. It felt good. The mud and the hills on the way back kicked my butt bad, but that was okay, I expected that once I saw the road down-back. Overall, it was a good run and I was happy how I felt during and after the run.

Once I got the my first pass of the muddy road and hit the Tiffany Road, I really focused on form and how it felt when I was running comfortably with a slight lean. I still can’t run too far with much of a lean because it causes that my left calf to tighten a little too much.

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Running up the Bitch Again

I drove up to see dad today and by the time I got back I was ready for a good run. It is an hour up and back and I am getting so that I don’t really like driving all that much any more. No problems, I just would rather be doing something else other than sitting in a car for that amount of time.

I was due for a 35:00 minute workout according to MiCoach and my thoughts were that it was time again to work on my nemesis hill.

Today I ran the “Bitch” and yep it is still a bitch for me run all of the way to the top of, but it is a great training hill, for both downhill and uphill running. Continue reading

I Really Hate Philbrick Hill

When I worked on the UCONN campus at the Coast Guard R&D Center at Avery Point  (when it was located there) in the mid ’80 we had this hill and called it “The Bitch”, because it was. We used to purposely run courses just to run up the damn thing. Well today I did the same thing, I couldn’t go down back, the road was a lot too slippery and I had a small knot in my left calf, so I wanted to stay on good solid footing for my run today. So I ran down and then back up Philbrick Hill and it was a “bitch”.

I was supposed to do 5.0 miles total this afternoon, however, I also wanted to do the MiCoach Assessment Workout. So I did that first and now know that I am not in as good a shape as I thought I was, but I am getting there. After the assessment, I felt really tired from Wednesday’s run, so I took it pretty easy and didn’t run very hard, I was more interested in the “how far” than “how fast”. Continue reading

My iPhone Running App

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Ever since I got my old iPhone 3G, I have searched, for the perfect Apps to track my walking/running progress, especially now that I am running more again. It doesn’t matter, that I now longer have a data plan or don’t use the iPhone as a phone, the GPS Apps (and others) still work and I can connect to the Internet using its WiFi capabilities.

This post is not a comparison of different Running Log/Trainer Apps, it is about the iPhone App that works best for me.

To let you know which Apps I used during this time, so people don’t go oh this is one is so great too – I have tried the following Apps: RunKeeper, LogYourRun, Pedometer, Distance Free, 5k Runner, Runtastic Pro, Joggy Coach, iMapmyRun, Nike+ GPS, Trails, Endomondo and a few others that I deleted. It wasn’t that they didn’t work or were not good Apps, they just didn’t do what I was wanting from a Running App.

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It’s Snowing Yet Again – 1-31-12

It is snowing yet again, not enough to have fun in, just that steady flurry activity that gives you about 2 inches of snow over the course of a whole day. It is just enough to make it slippery to run on, even with trail shoes, but not really enough to wear the SoleSpikes. So I just wore my Peregrines.

Run 1-31-12 Looking towards hill

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RunLog 12/10/11 – The Sun is Trying to Come Out

We have had a lot of overcast/cloudy weather around heah lately it seems. During my run today the sun was trying its damnedest to come out, it felt pretty good, but that darn north wind was coming down the road at 10-15 mph – so while is was 39F it felt a lot colder.

Maybe that is why I ran a little faster than usual today. I wore the Icebreaker base layer top and bottom along with the gloves, but that wasn’t the problem, my arms were cold with just the synthetic long sleeve shirt over my arms, wish I had my running jacket on. Being cold though made it so that I wanted to get back inside so I went a little faster. Fastest per mile pace this year :-). Felt strong throughout the run and could have gone farther and maintained the pace. Continue reading

I Will Be Running Without the iPhone

Navstar-2F satellite of the Global Positioning...Image via Wikipedia  //  
Since I returned to running on June 15th, I have used my iPhone and several running apps (see my Three iPhone Apps for Runners Review post) to track how my running is going and to see which one I liked best.

I love being outside and hearing the sounds of nature when I am running.  I prefer to focus on the run and know what is going on around me, than tuning out to the tunes.

To be honest, the more that I run with my iPhone outside, the less that I like it for that purpose. It is too big, bulky and heavy for me while I am running, whether it is in an armband, on my waist, it just doesn’t feel comfortable bouncing around. Continue reading