Winter’s Last Gasp?

As you can see it snowed today, it really wasn’t all that much, just an inch or two, but you know something I am getting sick of the white stuff. After last week’s taste of summer, I am ready for snow to be gone or at least not where I am.

So I am hoping that this was winter’s last gasp (even though I have a feeling Mother Nature will let it out of her cage a couple of more times to remind us of who is boss :-). Continue reading


I just ran tonight 3-8-12

After yesterday’s tough hill workout and the miles I put in already this week today was supposed to be an easy day and I started out that way, but after I got warmed up, I just ran the way my body wanted to. The New Balance MT110s actually felt really great and didn’t bother my calves at all on the roads, so I just ran tonight.

This is the first time that the MT110s have impressed me and I am beginning to really like them – they allow me to run quietly.

It felt good.

Pace/Elevation chart 3-8-12

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AVR – Week in Review 3-4-12

This has been a pretty good week, in spite of the snow storm this week.

I got my replacement shoes from New Balance and ran further than I have in a long time in one week. The little muscle strains are starting to heal (just not as fast as I want) and I found a pair of shoes that work great for me on the roads.

Now I just have to get transitioned to those New Balance shoes 🙂

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Running in MT110s – 3-4-12

Today was supposed to be a day off, but I was determined to work on my transition to the MT110s. I focused pretty much on my form and forefoot landing. The MT110s felt good today, I went through the first mile and didn’t feel bad at all, so I decided to go until my calves started to bother or 2.0 miles. I made it to 2.0 without any problems, but the left calf was just starting to get a little tight.

This run helped a lot to get me to be more positive toward the MT110s. They felt light and comfortable, along with no problems, which is what I needed with them.

The other part is that I actually met another runner out here, the first one other than the next door neighbor in at least a few years. He had come up over the “Bitch” and was struggling pretty hard when I first saw him. When I met him coming off the circle he seemed like he had gotten his breath back.  It was good to see someone else out here running. Continue reading

First Run in New Balance MT110 – 3-3-12

I got my New Balance MT110s in late last night and I wasn’t even tempted to run in them. I tried them on and put them walked around the house for about 10 minutes and then just put them in the shoe pile by the door. You know something, to be honest I am not really excited by these shoes, but I had to stay with New Balance, because that is where I had to return them to and all I could get was New Balance store credit.

Which is too bad, because from all the reviews I have read, they are a very nice trail running shoe and should meet my needs quite well.

I needed the trail shoes for the kind of running that I want to do a lot of this year, so I went with the MT110s and I didn’t like what New Balance had for other trail shoes. Hopefully, once I get to running on trails with them, I might get a little/lot more excited about them. I do know that they did a great job this morning while walking down-back in the snow/rain – so maybe by the time I get 50 miles on the 110s, I will have changed my tune about this shoe and not be blase about them. Continue reading

AVR – Week in Review 2-19-12

I took 3 days off last week and Monday off too, while attempting to be smarter about letting an injury heal. I tried to slowly come back to running, but it has also been a week of trying to find the “right” shoe, seeing how the shoes performed at different speeds and how they felt and made me feel while running in them.

I believe that I have finally found one that will work for me, especially after today’s 6.0 miler – no problems at all.  The Saucony Kinvara, they are definitely the most comfortable shoe and easiest for me to run of all the ones that I have tried on or brought home in a long time.

I was able to run through down-back again, now that the ice levels have melted back to dirt or should I say mud, so I can run some longer courses without so many hills or as much traffic – I just have to deal with the mud in places i.e. go slower :-). The past week weather-wise was very good, but I can’t believe that Winter is going to just fade away, I have a feeling that we still have to get through at least 2-3 more bad storms. So we will see on that, but even so, it really is only about a month to better weather.

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Running Shoes – Time to Rewind and Start Over

Sometimes you just have to say I was wrong and start over. That is basically what I am doing with my running shoe choices over the past couple of weeks. The ones that I have purchased have not performed as I expected and instead of attempting to make do, I have decided to return them both and start this process over.

New Balance Minimus Trail 20

New Balance Minimus Trail 20

The New Balance Minimus Trail 20s shoes are not going to work for me. I have tried to transition to them, but when I run in them for any distance since the second day – they are continuing to re-aggravate my left calf strain, so it is time to move on.

Could I eventually run in these shoes – I really don’t know if I can or not, all I know is that running in them now is not happening. So I will find out about running in the next step down or two down the minimalist ladder later – not now. Now it is more important to keep developing my base than it is to experiment, so I decided to return MT20s. Continue reading

Warm Weather Running in February – Nice!

I can’t believe the weather, mid 40’s bright sunshine and it is the middle of February, today felt more like mid to late March, but I will take it. Hell I even ran in short and a couple of layers on top. Had my gloves and ball cap on though. Always wear gloves when it is under 50Âş.

I had a really tough time finding my stride and maintaining it today. I would get it for a minute or so and then lose it again. There was no consistency to the run at all. Continue reading

First Run in Asics Gel Blur 33 – 2/16/12

I went out and did it, I bought yet another pair of running shoes and here is the story behind why I got the Asics Gel Blur 33 today.  Let’s just say it was necessary. To be honest they were not what I was expecting to be buying today and I cannot say that I absolutely love them and have always wanted to run in them.  However, of all the choices and shoes available to me that I have been able to actually try on lately, they seemed to be the right one for now.

Asics Gel Blue 33

I have run in Asics before and while they were not what I was originally looking for, I think that they will be what I need as a nice compliment to the MT20s when I get done with that transition. A blend of the old style running shoe and the new minimal running shoes. Continue reading

Raiding the “Cookie Jar” – New Running Shoes Again

After my efforts yesterday to find a pair of old shoes that, I could use while I was transitioning to my New Balance MT20s, resulted in less than spectacular – to be honest nothing that I had around the house was going to work. TheWife and I decided that it would probably be wiser to go ahead and buy another pair of running shoes and that way I would have a pair to alternate in the future. Which in theory allows both shoes to last longer.

So we raided the cookie jar and used the proceeds towards getting me another pair of running shoes.

Went to Brunswick

After not really finding what I wanted in the Augusta area last week, I also decided to go down to the Maine Running Company in Brunswick – about 45 minutes away. I prefer to buy from the local running stores when possible and this is the closest running store to where I live. Plus it is really nicer to try on the shoes you are buying instead, blind sizing that you do online. Continue reading