My Swim errrr Run Today 7-16-12

Weather MapToday was a recovery run after my 17.0 mile excursion in the heat yesterday.

It was kind of funny because today I waited until the rain and small thunderstorm went through, what a difference a day makes.

At least until I opened the door and realized that the humidity was still in the 90% range, even though it was only 76 degree. So I got ready for my swim – ummm run.

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Tough 17.0 Miler in the Heat 7-16-12

P7160023Today I ran without a GPS device for the first time in a long time and it was a good thing, I felt pretty good running “naked” (except for my watch, phone, and clothes Winking smile.

In this heat with the chance of t-storms I wanted my phone available, I like to take pictures and not too many people are going to want see me without my clothes on. No I don’t have the physique of Adonis, I have the physique of an almost 55 year old runnah.

Originally I was going to run from Home to Gardiner via the Augusta Rail Trail, but the Beaner was still a bit under the weather, so we decided that I would do my long run here in Sidney.

Which means that at the end of the run, I get to go up 2 pretty tough hills and that little middle bump!  Just what I want to do after 14-15 miles of running  in 80 degree heat  with another 2-3 left to go – yep that is where the hills are on this course at the end – YECH!!!!   Smile with tongue out Continue reading

Recovery Run–Needed It 7-10-12

P7100001One thing I have learned since I started doing weekly long runs, is that I do need to run the next day. I feel a lot better after the run, especially my legs, especially if I get over the 3.0 mile mark.

As you can see from the picture, today was a gorgeous day – definitely one of the top 10 of the year.  So we drove down to Oxford (about an hour away) to go to our favorite used book store.  Which also meant 2 hours of sitting in a car and my legs feeling like someone had taken a baseball bat to them.

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Long Run Lessons Learned 7/9/12

P7090001Ever have a run, where you learned a LOT, about things that you really didn’t think about before. Well today was that kind of run for me. A learning experience. I did my 13.1 mile run from home into Augusta and the time wasn’t bad, but a couple of minutes slower than I wanted.

Then again running into a 10 mph headwind in 75-80 degree weather does tend to slow you down a little bit. So I was happy with the effort and what learned today.

  • That my Brooks hi-visibility running hat is a GREAT 3 season hat, but not so great when the temps are in the 70’s or 80’s on a long run. Need to get a hi-visibility visor, other high-vis running hats (summer weight) or more brightly colored shirts (something other than black, gray or dark blue) Smile to wear while on high traffic area runs – without the hat.

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Hot and Muggy 5.0 Miler–7/6/12

Bennie and I 7-6-12It was definitely hot and muggy this afternoon!!!

By the time I got to run at around 3:30, I was already tired and when I looked at the window thermometer, it was reading 92 degrees in the sun.

Which made me think for a second about bagging it, but I really wanted to run.

So what did I do?  I put my running clothes on, stepped out the door, did my 100 ups and started running. I did bring my water bottle and I was glad that I did, after the first couple of miles, I really, really needed it.

The picture is after today’s run, I met TheWife and Bennie out for his afternoon walk and did a photo opp. Yes Bennie Bean is pulling me along on his leash, telling me that he wants to go faster! At that point I was wondering who was walking who Smile.

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First Runs in Nike Free Run +3

P6210001-001I won a gift card as part of a drawing during a #FitFluential chat with Blue Diamond Almonds a few weeks ago (the almonds are almost all gone Smile and were delicious) and used it towards a new pair of running shoes.

Since I was so impressed with how great the Free 4.0’s were, I ordered another pair of Nike Free running shoes. Originally, I thought that I had ordered the Free 3.0’s, but I made a mistake and ended up with the Free Run +3.

After a thinking about it and wearing them for a couple of walks I decided to keep the Free Run+3’s instead of sending them back. Things happen for a reason sometimes.

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Saturday 10.0 Miler

fcd3cb08bd4711e180c9123138016265_6Today was my weekly 10 mile run and my first long run in my new Nike Free Run +3, I will be doing a review on how they did in my first run post that I do on new shoes.

The run itself was pretty uneventful, just one of those get out the door and do it runs.

I purposely try to keep this run slower than my weekly runs to Augusta or Waterville and noticed that I had picked the pace up pretty good without realizing it. So I throttled back and got it where it was supposed to be – in the 9:00 to 10:00 minute pace range – which I did a pretty good job of.

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Thunder Storm Double Run–6/22/12

Today was one of my rare 2-a-day workouts.

My first workout had one purpose to go over 200 miles in my Nike Free 4.0 v2. I had 199.3 and wanted to get ready to do my 200 mile review of these shoes and actually have 200 miles on them. Smile

I rushed out the door to get it in before the thundershower got here, which I did, my legs were really tired from yesterday’s track workout and this morning’s 3.6 mile walk. So I didn’t push too hard. Other than tired legs I felt good and only had to dodge a few raindrops and only heard thunder off in the distance.

Nike Stats 2 Mile run 6-22-12

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Initial Impressions–Nike Free Run+3

Nike FreeI was so impressed with my Nike Free 4.0 that I ordered another pair of Nike Free’s. Personally, I don’t like having the exact same model twice in a row (I know everyone is different), I want a slightly different shoe to alternate with, so I ordered the Nike Free 3.0 v4 or so I thought.

Wrong Shoes

When I got my new Nike Free’s in tonight, I was a little disappointed. I opened the box and inside were the Nike Free Run+3 8MM drop, not the 3.0’s with a 4MM drop. When I double-checked the order, Nike had sent what I ordered –

In other words I screwed up!!!!!

I attribute this mistake that I made – (I take full responsibility for it), directly to how screwed up the Nike Free naming system is.

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