Retiring the Nike Free 4.0 v2

P7250183It has been a good run (pun intended) for my Nike Free 4.0 v2 running shoes.

However, when I run in them for more than 3.0 miles now, my knees, hips and ankles are starting to bark at me afterwards.

Nothing serious, but when I start to feel these aches, I have learned from experience, that it is time to retire those shoes.

How did they do?

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Setting the Record Straight

Adidas ThrasherThe other day I was talking with someone and I said I was looking at getting a different pair of Trail Shoes, because my current ones left the soles of my feet pretty damn sore after my two runs at Bond Brook on Thursday.

They said “Well you are just going to get some from Nike".

I told him that Nike didn’t have what I was looking for in a trail shoe and I was actually looking at a pair of trail shoes from Adidas. The person just went “huh – I thought with the way you were writing on your blog lately, it seemed that you had something going with Nike, beyond just being a Nike fanboy”.

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First Runs in Nike Free Run +3

P6210001-001I won a gift card as part of a drawing during a #FitFluential chat with Blue Diamond Almonds a few weeks ago (the almonds are almost all gone Smile and were delicious) and used it towards a new pair of running shoes.

Since I was so impressed with how great the Free 4.0’s were, I ordered another pair of Nike Free running shoes. Originally, I thought that I had ordered the Free 3.0’s, but I made a mistake and ended up with the Free Run +3.

After a thinking about it and wearing them for a couple of walks I decided to keep the Free Run+3’s instead of sending them back. Things happen for a reason sometimes.

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The New Nike+ Website is Up

I am an unapologetic fan of Nike.

Over the many years I have used their products, I have had very good success with their running shoes, running clothes and other products. I go and try the other brands that are out there, but it seems that for whatever reason I end up back using Nike products. They just work for me.

This is one of those “other products.


The updated/new Nike Plus Website is now live!

This is a good thing and personally, I love its new looks.

Nike + Entry Screen

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Nike Free 4.0 v2 – After 50 Miles

Nike Free 4.0

What can I say – I ran 50 miles in the Nike Free 4.0 V2 this week!

Never in my running career have I run 50 miles the first week I have had a new pair of running shoes. Never.

That says a lot right there about these running shoes.

Here is the link to the Nike Free Run site.

Disclaimer: I purchased these shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods on 5/21/12 with my own money.

Construction / Fit

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Brand Loyalty – Surprise it is Nike

Everything Nike 5-23-12

Since I started running in Nike running shoes again on Monday, I got to wondering what other stuff from Nike do I have?

Can I Do It?

I got to wondering if I could pull off a Nike only clothing/accessories and the picture is what I ended up with. I could have even done the watch, because I have a Nike heart rate monitor that I wear as a watch quite often, I just forgot to put it on.

What did I end up with going from the top down:

  • Hat – During the run, I ran in a white Nike running hat, but I am trying to not wear a hat when having pictures taken – I want to show off my gray hair! :-).
  • Shirt – Compression shirt – still have a slight roll around the middle, but not too bad for an old fart! I wouldn’t wear a compression shirt by itself all the time – I still need to firm up the upper body a lot, but I do like to wear it as an undershirt – it really cuts down on nipple chafing even in warm weather ;-).
  • I have a couple of other compression shirts and an “old” singlet that felt like I was wearing a small tent when I tried it on – that is why I went with the compression shirt.
  • However, I don’t have a Nike running jacket, but I do have a headband/ear warmer and gloves for colder weather.
  • Shorts – This was the toughest one. I only have one pair of Nike shorts  left and they were on the clothes line drying (still my favorites after all these years), so I had to go get them, but they are 7-8 years old and starting to look pretty tired.
  • Underwear – I am running in Nike Pro Combat Compression shorts. I have bought a couple of pair of these each month for the past couple of months and love them. I don’t get chaffed when I wear them, plus they are pretty damn comfortable too.
  • Socks – Nike Dri-Fit – it took me a while to get used to how snug they were, but now I really like them.
  • Shoes – My new Nike Free 4.0 v2 – which caused this post Continue reading

Short and Easy Run Today 5-23-12

Today was a scheduled short recovery run, so I did an easy 3.1 and just enjoyed the run, while focusing on my form.

Also I wanted to see how my new Nike Free’s dried out after yesterday’s soaking. I took out the insoles and stuffed newspaper into them yesterday afternoon and then this morning put them out on the steps to dry in the sun for a couple of hours. When I went for my run just after 11:00, they were completely dry and fit the same as they did before the soaking!

The run itself was a good one, I like the way they are so quiet when I land. It just feels really great the way they are working for me :-).

For some reason the iPhone Nike+ App messed up and didn’t get a good GPS signal, then just shut-off on me about half-way through the run, no biggie because I generally have both my watch and the iPhone App going – just in case. I have a feeling my old iPhone is dying and it doesn’t like not have data service sometimes.

I am really going to have to break down and get a GPS watch sometime soon, it seems that I am going back to Nike for the most part, so I will have to take close look at their model.

Overall, very good run and still loving the new shoes!

Joseph’s 24th Annual 5K Road Race

BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! That is the word of the day, for the end of April Mid 30’s and 20 mph winds made for a cold race this morning. Otherwise I loved the course, it was back at where I used to teach and it felt kind of strange driving into the driveway after almost a year.  I got to see a teacher that I worked with (Sue M), a former co-worker from Good-Will Hinckley (Mike G) and some other runners that I have seen and talked with at the races – I’ve been to.

I had to laugh though, there was a motorcycle training class in the parking lot, which caused a lot of people to look around for the race registration (including me).  One thing I found out that my Presto Faze running shoes are not great at is standing on telephone poles that are laying down – I slipped off one while waiting and drove a 1/4 inch sliver into my hand (had to do safety pin surgery before the race).

Neither the wind or the cold really bothered me all that much and I felt that I was starting a little faster than usual, but my times were really slow at the split points, so I don’t know how accurate they were? Unfortunately, I didn’t push that hard and it was more like a hard tempo run than a race pace.

This is where my lack of speed work really shows – I just don’t know how to run fast, with this new form. I seem to be able to go far at a pretty steady pace, but going faster just feels awkward. I will start to work on that over the next few months and get some of that speed back that I have lost. Continue reading

Newton’s Getting A Rest & a Good 5.0 Miler

I have put away my Newton Gravity for at least a week to let my ankle heal. I really wasn’t expecting this, because I had over 60 miles on them with no problems. However, over the past week no matter what I have done to protect the rub spot, when I run over 3.0 miles in them, my right ankle is rubbed raw and I bleed on my sock. This has become very distracting to my running and is not something that I enjoy while running.

Hopefully, once my ankle heals up, the Gravity’s will not cause the problem anymore. If they do, it will mean that no matter how wonderful a shoe they are (and I do love them), that for some reason they are not the right shoe for my feet. It seems as though the ankle cut-out is too high for my foot and really rubs my right ankle.

In talking with Newton on Twitter, they gave me some suggestions and discussed my form, but the bottom line is that as of yesterday, the Gravity’s cause my right foot to be rubbed raw to the point it bleeds and it is uncomfortable to run in them. I will be trying them again – next Friday and hopefully I can report no issues and just run comfortably in my great Newton Gravity’s.

Yes, I could tough it out and rub some dirt on it, which I did for the past week and you know something no shoe is worth that to me. Time will tell on this one.

So how did my 5+ run go today? GREAT!  I ran in my old Nike Presto Faze (Bright Red) and you know something they worked like a dream. I didn’t push hard and stayed right around the 8:30 pace I was looking for and best of all – no bloody sock!

Surprisingly, I ran a fairly steady pace until mile 4-5 which has my favorite hills and the dirt road with all the ruts, so I usually take this pretty slow, but today, I only slowed down by 19 seconds, so I am very happy and the best part was that it was because I maintained my focus, not because of being tired :-).  I don’t know if the shoes made a difference or not, but it felt good to run again without any unnecessary pain or blood on my sock. So changing the shoes did make some difference and proved to me that it was the Newton’s and not something I was doing.

I have had the Presto Faze for 5-6 years and I really don’t know how many miles that I have on them, but I used them as my treadmill shoes for at least 3 years of winter indoor running, track workouts and running outside here and there. They don’t feel all that comfortable when I first put them on – the toes are a lot too tight and they certainly are not zero drop shoes, but once I start running – everything seems to fit into place the way they are supposed to and I just run in them. No laces to worry about, my feet don’t slide around and they are light enough to go fast if I want to.

Almost makes me really want to take a lot closer look at the new Nike Free 3.0 with the 4MM drop and I plan to if the Newton’s continue to aggravate my ankle after letting it heal.

Hey Nike do you need the Free 3.0 reviewed here on A Veteran Runnah, I would love to compare them to the old Nike Presto Faze and see what the differences are. DM me on Twitter if you are interested :-).

It will be interesting to see how these shoes do during my 5K race in Fairfield tomorrow morning. I really want to do well and push hard and would love to see a sub-23:00, so we shall see how close I am in my blog tomorrow. :-).

Good luck to everyone else who is racing this weekend and participating in the Twitter 5K.

Just an Easy 5.0–4/20/12


On my morning walk with Bennie, we spotted this big bird (pretty sure it was a Turkey Vulture) and this was the best photo I could get of it.

Today was supposed to be a track w/o according to my schedule – guess what I didn’t do it! Just didn’t feel like driving into town to do one. So I decided to do a hilly 5.0 and call it good, but I remember my post from back in November, when just making it around this course was a long run and a major milestone in my return to running when I made it around that first time.

I decided to start using the Nike+ App and see what changes they are going to make with the site, I just seem to keep coming back to the Nike+ website. I just feel comfortable with it (when it is working) and hope when they get done with their updates this summer, I have a feeling that they are really going to have great website to track your miles and graphically show different ways to break down your runs.

I decided to create a new Nike+ account and just start over completely, to get a view of how I am doing now, instead of a few months ago or years ago. Continue reading