TweetCloud – What have you been saying?

One of the things that I liked to do as a teacher is create Word Clouds, so that I could have a quick visual of what the piece I was read or writing was really talking about.

Today I was going through the applications that I have authorized to access my Twitter account and came across TweetCloud. It was an application that I used to see what words I use the most when I first started on Twitter and every so often would check it out.

Since I have changed my focus of what I talk about on Twitter, I thought it would be interesting to see which words would be the most used. Below is my Tweet Cloud: Continue reading


RunLog 11/30/11 – I Ran Anyway

Okay today was supposed to be a scheduled day off. Thanks to my compatriots on Twitter, I got the itch to run today.  It was just too nice a day to take off – 54F and bright sunshine for the last day of November.  I actually wore shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt with my synthetic undershirt to wick away the sweat.

I wanted to run at least 3.0 and just do it easily. I ran easy and really focused on my form and forefoot striking while running.  After the first 1.5 miles I had to find a tree, I really hate it when that happens, but it is just part of running, sometimes you can’t wait and have to do it wherever/whenever.

During the run I got to thinking and that for me can be pretty damned dangerous. I haven’t done any speed work for a long, long time. My knee was feeling really good and I wasn’t putting a lot of effort into the run, so I thought why not. I would do 2 phone pole repeats (about 100 yards) and see how it went.

When I finished my 3.2 mile run which was a new course record by 6 seconds, I still don’t know how I did it without trying to. Who knows maybe loosing weight and running for a month is starting to get me in shape. Continue reading