Trust Your Training

IMG_0521Like most runners I have done a lot of running preparing for this fall’s racing season and have accumulated a few nicks, aches, pains and feel pretty tired (both mentally and physically).

So today I took a day off and didn’t do my scheduled track workout.

To be honest, I didn’t do anything but work on the computer and mow the lawn, no weights, no walk, nothing. It felt great! Tomorrow is my scheduled day-off and you know what, I plan to repeat what I did today and then on Thursday, I am seriously thinking about repeating it again. In other words taking off until Friday.

What do you mean Harold!??? You are less than 3 weeks away from the Runner’s World Half and 5K, you gotta get those last workouts in!

Really at this point in my training cycle missing a few days three weeks before my race is not going to affect my performance in those races all that much – if at all. Continue reading


September 2012 Reviewed


I don’t want to do a separate post on today’s run or the weekly summary so, I will do everything in this post since it is the last day of September.

Today’s Run

Today it was pouring rain and I don’t have confidence in any of my current rotation shoes to not cause blisters on my feet when they get wet, so I went out in the give away box to get out my old Nike Free 4.0 v2. I know that I can run in them in the wet and they do not cause any blisters. Continue reading

What is Fast and Does It Matter

Running 1985Does it really matter how fast you are?

By the way who decides what is and who is fast?

Okay Harold where are you going with this? You write an awful lot on this blog about your efforts to run farther, faster.

To be honest I am not sure and this post has brought more questions to my mind than answers and I need your help to sort it out.

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The Last Lecture and Thank You

At least once a year since 2008, I have watched the below video.

Today I felt the need to watch it again – no I am in perfect health, I just felt it was time to watch it again.

Although the video is a little long, it is worth the time to watch it. If you watch it closely it will make you think and sometime in the course of that thinking you might become uncomfortable, but it will make you think.

If you do watch it, what I am writing below will make sense.

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I Remember

P8250031This is not my typical healthy-living or running type of post, but today is 9-11 and its aftershocks are a painful memory to many of us, wherever we were.

Every year since then  — 

I remember.

Those two powerful Words conjure certain images for those of us who are old enough to remember that day. I was not in New York City, Washington, D.C., or Pennsylvania; I did not know those who perished or survived that terrible day.

But I remember.

I was on a business trip to New York City back in August this year, working in a building that looked down upon what we think of as “Ground Zero” – where the World Trade Center Towers had been.

It felt strange to be this close to that spot.

When I first looked down at the site, it brought back a flood of memories from that day 11 years ago.

The Day the World Changed Continue reading

Saturday Was a Whirlwind Day!!!

P8250031I started to write this post on Saturday night, but by the time I got back to the hotel after 9:00 P.M. (the day started before 8:00 A.M.), I was pretty well exhausted.

All I did was open my email and then shut off the computer. Heck I couldn’t even stay awake long enough to watch the Red Sox game, which I really wanted to watch.

I am finally getting back to finishing this post a couple of days later. It seems as though I have just been on screech, since last Tuesday and it is going to be more of the same for a while!!!

To be honest I felt more tired Saturday night, than when I ran 14 miles in Central Park on Friday night, after flying down from Maine. It has been a long since I have had to be “on” like this and it was tiring.

I know – I must be getting old! Those days of being able to work all day, party until 4:00 A.M., hit the sack for a couple of hours and go to work at 7:00A.M. are over.

Oh well, I left life in the fast lane a long time ago Smile.

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6 Things I have Learned While Running

Over the past year, since I returned to running, I have learned a lot about myself and my running!

1. Getting Older Still Sucks

IMG_4129No big news here! It is something that is happening to each one of us. 

I have noticed that my perceived effort while running is a lot more than it used to be. What used to be 6-7 minute mile pace is now 8-9 minute miles.

While I can get back into the faster range once in a while, I can’t train at those levels, which means – yep I am slowing down. Nope you can’t change the physical decline, you can delay and fight it tooth and nail – which is what I am doing.

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Fitting a Square Peg Into a Round Hole

To be honest today, I feel like a square peg, that is trying to fit into a round hole, when it comes to minimalist running.

Since about November of last year I have attempted to run with more of a forefoot/full foot landing to my running style and use less shoe.


After a lot of research and thinking, I really and truly believe that running with more of a forefoot/full foot landing is a better way for me to run.

However, at some point during my runs, usually after 2-3 miles, my focus flags and my running form begins to revert back to a heel landing and by the time I am 5.0 miles or more into a run – I am a full-fledged heel striker again.

Do I do this consciously?

No! Continue reading

On Turning 55

P8060002Today I turn 55 and I have dreaded this birthday more than I have any other!

However, now that it is here it is really not a big deal.

The world didn’t end, my body didn’t fall totally apart. The number itself is just that a number and it sure as hell beats the alternative – dead. So I have had a great day so far, by going for a 3.5 mile hike over at Messalonskee Stream Trail, with Mary and Bennie. Relaxing around the house and writing this post.

I have also been humbled by the number of happy birthday wishes from everyone today.

Someone asked me – What are the biggest things that have I learned in the last 55 years?

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Who’s Running Data is It?

SpreadsheetOver the past year, I have tried online websites, iPhone Apps or a combination of the two, to track my running, to see which one best fit my personal needs and preferences.

During all of this searching, for some reason or other I maintained my own spreadsheet to track my running.

It might have been a very good choice to have done that looking back with 20/20 hindsight.

Since last year, I have tried a dozen or so apps/websites and while a couple have really “interested me” me, none did everything I wanted, so I kept searching for the perfect combo, until I gave my iPhone to my son-in-law a few weeks ago.

Moot Point

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