Runner’s World Half Marathon Recap 10/21/12

Immediately after finishing the Half Marathon

What an amazing weekend!!!!

Today was the Runner’s World Half Marathon, which was my first “official” Half Marathon. I went into the race with certain expectations, but most of all I tried not to get all stressed out about having to finish with a certain time. The race was not an easy course by any stretch of the imagination as you can see by the below: Continue reading


Runner’s World Meet and Greet BBQ

Tonight was a meet and greet BBQ at The Runner’s World Offices. Usually these kind of things are something you gotta do as part of work, but tonight I was excited about going! Being a runner this is one of those places that I have dreamed about going to and having the  opportunity to meet so many of the Runner’s World Staff and also my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors in an atmosphere conducive to mingling in a relaxed atmosphere.

The ride over was noisy, with everyone introducing themselves, getting to know one another (beyond our Twitter handles or Blog Names).

Then when we got to Runner’s World we were met by Bart Yasso and David Willey Continue reading

Looking at the #RWHalf Courses

I just got back from looking at the Runner’s World Half, 10K and 5K courses, which I will be running 2 of this weekend. I had been hearing rumors and innuendo about how hilly the courses are, it worried me a little. I don’t mind running hills and live in Maine so hills are just a part of living and running there, but I wanted to see how much these hills would be slowing me down.

Driving the course is not just as simple as following the map, there are different one-way streets that we will be running in the opposite direction. So I had to drive around, plus not knowing the area made it even more interesting. I am sure that they thought I was some crazy tourist from Maine – well…we don’t need to go there 🙂

Go to the Runner’s World Website for the Course Maps and a video featuring Bart Yasso.

Here are some photos that I took while driving around:


Looking down E 1st Street – flat and fast



Looking up towards Webster Street the first hill.


The Fahy Bridge

There are some hills out towards Moravian College which will get your attention, but I didn’t get a picture of, but one is in the Runner’s World video.

This is the little rise towards the end after coming off Founders Way.

Overall – they look like GREAT courses, they will challenge you, but there are a lot of flat and downhill areas, none of the hills are mountains, but they will slow you down a little bit.

It has the potential to be a challenging, but faster course than I first thought when I looked at the course descriptions. I guess that it depends upon where you are coming from geographically. If you are coming from a fairly flat area, it is going seem pretty hilly and if you are coming from an area with lots of hills, it won’t seem too bad.

I will be participating in the inaugural Runners World Half Marathon as a FitFluential Ambassador. My race registration will be provided by Runners World. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Going to Bethlehem for the #RWHalf

The past 24 hours have been what you could call crazy busy.

I packed for the #RWHalf trip and trying to get all the last-minute stuff that needs to get done before going on a 5 day trip.

Did I get it all done – hell no!

However, I got more done than I thought I would. I even got a 5.0 mile run in yesterday, I went slowly and just used it as a recovery run, instead of pushing it. I felt good, but I had sat down a lot working and my legs were sore and tired. So I needed the run just to loosen things up.

The hardest part of most trips is the travel to your destination. This morning I got up at 3:30 and was on the road at 4:00 A.M. I drove from Sidney, Maine to Bethlehem, PA in about 9 hours. The only place that I had to slow down was going into Hartford, otherwise it was a good drive and only a couple of breaks to get gas and breakfast. For some reason my hamstrings at the end of the drive were toast! They were definitely sore by the time I got to Bethlehem.

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Last Long Run Before #RWHalf Was GREAT! 10-12-12

Today was definitely a Fall day, it was 48 F with 20+ mph winds out of the NNW – luckily I was going South, so it was at my back most of the run :-). It would have been a lot different if I would have run into the wind. I did run in shorts, long sleeve tech shirt and a tech t-shirt on top and felt comfortable once I got past the first mile.

I really didn’t know how I would do today, my legs felt a little tired before the run and I walked 2.4 miles in the morning, so I was realistically looking at around a 1:50:00 for 13.0, if I even would run that far, but I was pretty sure that I would run at least double-digits. I exceeded my expectations by a lot!

Here are the splits for today:

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A Windy 5.0 Miles–10/11/12

IMG_0029After yesterday’s scheduled day off, I was ready to run this morning. Taking a day off is hard for me, but it is something that I really have to do.

Today at the last minute I decided to do the 5.0 mile Middle Road Loop with a few hills in it.

The wind was blowing 15-20 miles an hour which was great going out, but when I hit the Blake Road on the way back, it got my attention pretty good.

There was also a definite chill in the air and unfortunately, my time running around heah in shorts and a t-shirt like I did today are coming to a close. Knowing me I will push it until the very end and suffer through 1-2 miserably cold runs before I wise up and use my colder weather gear all of the time.

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Final Outdoor Track Workout and BRRRR 10/9/12

Colby 2All I can say is after a summer of really warm temperatures, when I drove by Fred’s Coffee in Waterville this morning I didn’t expect it to say 33 degrees F not C.

At the house the thermometer read 40 degrees, so it was 7 degrees colder just 10 miles further north. I don’t care what anyone says when it gets in the 30’s it is cold.

Cold enough that I put on my new tights, long sleeve tech top and t-shirt and was still cold after the first couple of miles! With the breeze blowing a bit, I was glad that I had gloves, but didn’t bring my ear warmers – I will remember from now on! They were pretty cold when I got done.

What do you think of an old geezer in tights – fashion statement or practical? I know my answer.

Oh hell – enough complaining about the cold, this is Maine after all – it is October and it will get colder. But this was the first real cold weather run this year, so I can whine once or twice.

I got to try the Mizuno Ronin’s and I really liked them on the track workout. They were comfortable, didn’t get in the way, no slapping the track and I just felt comfortable running in them. It really wasn’t planned to be a hard track workout 1.0 mile warm-up 8 x 1/4 and 1.0 mile cool down in lane 4. I just ran for total time/distance and only timed quarters 4 (1:35:55) and 8 (1:42:66). Continue reading

Mizuno Elixir 7’s are Looking Like Something Special and RunLog 10/8/12

Bright Color PhotoYou know something is up and I know what it is. My running suddenly improved last Friday, my pace is faster by almost 20 (or more) seconds a mile on my training runs on average and I have set 2 training course records:

  • Friday 28 seconds off my Notta Road 5.0 Miler
  • Monday 4 minutes 26 seconds off my Pond Road 10 Miler

The only differences are the weather is cooling down and the Mizuno Elixir 7’s that I was provided for review purposes through Mizuno’s Mezamashii Project. The cooler weather is nice, but it has been that way for a few weeks now and I have run these courses slower in the cooler weather this fall.

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Mezamashii–First Run Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 Was a Brilliant Run

PA050015I got my Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s as part of the Mezamashii Project this morning!!!

Yes I took the pictures that I do with new shoes and started thinking about doing my usual first initial impressions post.

However, the Elixir’s beckoned to me to take them out for a run.

So I took them out for a run, instead of writing that post. After running, writing my initial impressions post became a secondary consideration, compared to writing about my first run in the Elixir’s.

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2 Runs – 1 Planned 1 Not 10/1/12

Today was a mixed bag as far as the weather was concerned, in the morning it was raining and in the 50’s, this afternoon partly sunny and 60’s, so it was interesting. I didn’t really plan on running twice today, but it was the way it worked out.

I did my morning run as planned, 6.0 miles at around 8:30 pace (actually 8:35), so I was pretty happy, but I have been having some problems with my right abductor muscle or a tendon in that area, it just isn’t responding well to just running on it. When I try to stretch out my stride very much, it starts to bother a little.

Then I had to drop the Toyota off at M&A to have it looked over, to see what work needs to be done over the next few months. So I ran home from there and just went really slow, my abductor was bothering a little more. Probably didn’t really need the second run Winking smile.

I ran both runs in my Instincts and felt pretty good on the first run, but noticed that my left foot tends to slap the ground when I ran in them today? Not sure what that means, but I know it is normal for me to do this in these shoes. Going to have to look at my form more to see what is going on.

I was happy with this morning’s run, but felt tired and slow this afternoon. Maybe I will take a couple of days off to give it a chance to heal a little.

RunLog 10-1-12