August 2012 Recap

Some great news happened this month, but unfortunately, I can’t share it with you until September 17th. Needless to say I am very, very excited by this opportunity and can’t wait until I can tell you more about it!!!!

I have battled discomfort in my hamstrings and right hip pretty much all month and the last 4 days of the month decided to shut it down and not run at all. It is helping a lot and my body definitely needed the down time. I only ran 21 days this month, it is the fewest number of days run in a long time.

I did get to cross off one of my Bucket List items – Running in Central Park. I had fun and enjoyed the run there, but as much as I liked Central Park, I still wouldn’t want to live in NYC. I am just too much of a country boy :-).

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Decision Made on my Fall Marathon Plans

P8060003Today was decision day!

This was the day that I chose to make a decision about whether to run a fall marathon or not. Over the past couple of months I have been sort of – not so secretly increasing my mileage to the distances that I believe I need to be running in order for me to run, not just finish a marathon, without injuring myself.

In June I had 196 miles and in July I finished with 236 miles for the month. During most of the increase in my training mileage, I felt FANTASTIC, with no real issues with injuries or tremendous tiredness that can accompany that kind of increase. Continue reading

Goals and Failure or is that Success

MCM 1983Throughout my life I have set many goals – related to: life, work, education, health, running and I do not really buy into the concept that failure is a good thing.

Instead I believe that smaller successes, bring about larger success.

Have I always been successful – of course not – I am human.
Have I had failures – monumental ones.

However, each time that I have failed, there were still parts, where I was successful and I have learned to build off those smaller successes, instead of focusing too much on what went wrong or what many would consider my failures.

In this picture I was on my way to finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in 1983, after I DNF the 1982 race. I didn’t give up, instead I learned from my mistakes and was motivated to be successful, not fearful of failure.

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AVR – Week in Review 3-4-12

This has been a pretty good week, in spite of the snow storm this week.

I got my replacement shoes from New Balance and ran further than I have in a long time in one week. The little muscle strains are starting to heal (just not as fast as I want) and I found a pair of shoes that work great for me on the roads.

Now I just have to get transitioned to those New Balance shoes 🙂

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AVR – Week in Review 2-26-12

This has been a pretty good week until moving snow yesterday and I tweaked my left hamstring, which is going to put me on the shelf for a few days. Other than that this has been a very quiet week.

Running Summary This Week

RunLog Week of 2/26/12

Weekly Summary 2-26-12

I have gone to focusing more on time than just distance for my daily run, this is quite a difference for me and I am still not used to it and don’t know i I will switch over to this completely or not. Some things I like and others I do not. Continue reading