Actually Got a Run In Today – 5/9/12

I was able to get out for almost 2.5 miles today!!!!! At the end my left soleus by my ankle was hurting just a touch, but not like it had been. I really wanted to keep running, but played it smart and stopped when I was supposed to. Going to try to be a little smarter than I am most of the time and not run farther or faster (for me) until there is no pain.

Discomfort I can handle, pain is a warning that something isn’t quite right, it is learning to know the difference that takes time :-).

Admittedly it was GREAT to be running since I missed 4 of the last 5 days, but at the same time they were needed. If I hadn’t tried to run so fast on Sunday, I would probably be running fairly normal by now, lesson learned, just have to remember it for next time.


Easy Run to Recover from Yesterday 5/3/12

Today’s run was an easy recovery run that I planned to run at between a 9:30 and 10:00 pace and I ran a 9:40 pace. Actually it was just about perfect conditions for a run high 40’s, a little breeze out of the south and no sun – Didn’t have to worry about overheating at all. However, I just didn’t want to overdue and went for my recovery run instead.

I think running in my old Nike’s is getting my left tendon a little riled up, so I tried going back to my Saucony Kinvara 2 and the right ankle didn’t bother at all (no rubbing), so I ran in them today. They just “feel” slower than my Nike’s and I was slapping the ground with my left foot instead of “gently’ kissing it. Oh well definitely more form work is coming my way :-).

Been busy working on my résumé, LinkedIn profile and getting into job search mode, so blogging and social media have taken a bit of a back seat, while I focus my attention in that direction.

RunLog 5-3-12


Didn’t Want to But Did it Any Way 4-9-12

I really didn’t want to run this morning at all. We had company yesterday and they were both sick as dogs and I have a feeling that I am fighting whatever it is that they had – ah well.

Something just kept me going, not sure why, but I did.

Pace-Elevation Chart 4-9-12

The first mile was tough and then having to jump off into the woods for a minute or so didn’t help either. At about the 3.0 mile mark I came very close to just turning around and bagging the run. I had a hard time with keeping my focus on the run, but after I had my Vanilla Cliff Shot at the Augusta Town Line, by the time I got to Civic Center Dr. I felt a lot more like running than I had earlier. Continue reading

March 2012 The Running Month Reflection

Photo at the start of the month, each month I plan to put my favorite photo in the monthly summary.

March is always a weird month weather-wise you just never know what you are going to get. This past month one week we were battling snow, then 80 degree weather and then back to cold, snow and blustery wind – the old saying “just wait a minute the weather will be different”.

While I have increased my running a lot over the last month – blogging and social media have taken a backseat to starting to look at getting either a part-time or full-time job again. Retirement is great, but with the price of everything going up (officially there is no inflation – things just cost us more) our budget is stretched a little lot too thin. So to do the things we want to do, it is time to look at me getting a job again.

Now to figure out what I want to do when I grow up – if I ever decide to grow up 🙂 so wish me luck on this job search.
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Snowy Run down-back=tough run 3-2-12

The day after digging out from the big storm, which meant that I got to move snow only this time with the snow blower, instead of the snow scoop – It was a hell of a lot (helluva) easier and faster than the scoop. The hamstring sqawked a couple of times, but not too bad while moving snow, so it is definitely getting better!

The bad news is that the Saucony Kinvara 2s are most definitely not made for running in snow and are great on dry roads. I ran down-back this afternoon and while I made it through, it was definitely tough running in the snow with them for those 2.0 miles. The going out wasn’t too bad, it was downhill and I was fresh, coming back tired and uphill was a lot tougher with the poor traction.

Down-back 3-2-12

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Saucony Kinvara 2 – After 50 Miles

Saucony Kinvara 2 3-1-12

I now have 55.7 miles on my Saucony Kinvara 2s and I like to do a follow-up review of new shoes after 50 miles. So it is that time.

The newness has worn off and I have had time to notice the little things about a my Kinvara 2s that I didn’t, when I started to wear them

These are not leading edge shoes and have been around for a while (in shoe terms) and have been reviewed too many times for me to go into any great technical detail. My review will focus on how the K2s are working for me.

I have run in the K2s 12 times with long runs of 8 and 9 miles. How have they done?

Honestly, I like running in them so far. The K2s are a fast, light shoe that allows me to run the way I want to run. Continue reading

AVR – February 2012 in Review

February was my first full month of “A Veteran Runnah” at, I moved from Blogger on January 23rd and haven’t really looked back since. In some ways being limited by what I can do on has been a good thing, it has given me time think about where I really want to take this blog, without the worry of trying to monetize it too. I have passed up on a couple of opportunities that if I had been on Blogger, I might have thought about more seriously, but being here couldn’t do them.

Honestly, being on simplifies things for me a great deal and has allowed me to focus on writing, instead of back-end management issues. Which is what I wanted to do.

I am making great progress on my 2012 running goals and have had a couple of minor injuries that rest has taken care of. I did go through the “Great February Shoe Hunt” and ended up with one of the shoes on my Top 5 Shoe List – The Saucony Kinvara – after almost a 2 week period of searching. Yesterday, I got my credit notification from New Balance for returning my NB MT20s and ordered the MT110s to have as my trail shoes. I should be getting them soon. Continue reading

AVR – Week in Review 2-26-12

This has been a pretty good week until moving snow yesterday and I tweaked my left hamstring, which is going to put me on the shelf for a few days. Other than that this has been a very quiet week.

Running Summary This Week

RunLog Week of 2/26/12

Weekly Summary 2-26-12

I have gone to focusing more on time than just distance for my daily run, this is quite a difference for me and I am still not used to it and don’t know i I will switch over to this completely or not. Some things I like and others I do not. Continue reading

Colder and Windier than it Looked – 2/20/12

It looked a whole lot nicer from inside the window, than it did when I got outside. It was bright sunshine and what looked like a nice breeze to dry the ground a little. However, when I got down to the road it was mid 30’s with a 10-15 mph wind straight out of the north – i.e. cold. But I was supposed to do an easy 3.0 and work on cadence up on top, so the weather wasn’t a big deal, the roads were all clear, I just had to run against the wind 4 times :-).

My GPS App took almost 200 yards to pick up a signal, I wonder if that has a lot to do with the major difference in distance at what was a 3.1 the other day, being 2.88 today, I added the extra on at the end to have 3.0. Continue reading

AVR – Week in Review 2-19-12

I took 3 days off last week and Monday off too, while attempting to be smarter about letting an injury heal. I tried to slowly come back to running, but it has also been a week of trying to find the “right” shoe, seeing how the shoes performed at different speeds and how they felt and made me feel while running in them.

I believe that I have finally found one that will work for me, especially after today’s 6.0 miler – no problems at all.  The Saucony Kinvara, they are definitely the most comfortable shoe and easiest for me to run of all the ones that I have tried on or brought home in a long time.

I was able to run through down-back again, now that the ice levels have melted back to dirt or should I say mud, so I can run some longer courses without so many hills or as much traffic – I just have to deal with the mud in places i.e. go slower :-). The past week weather-wise was very good, but I can’t believe that Winter is going to just fade away, I have a feeling that we still have to get through at least 2-3 more bad storms. So we will see on that, but even so, it really is only about a month to better weather.

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