Raiding the “Cookie Jar” – New Running Shoes Again

After my efforts yesterday to find a pair of old shoes that, I could use while I was transitioning to my New Balance MT20s, resulted in less than spectacular – to be honest nothing that I had around the house was going to work. TheWife and I decided that it would probably be wiser to go ahead and buy another pair of running shoes and that way I would have a pair to alternate in the future. Which in theory allows both shoes to last longer.

So we raided the cookie jar and used the proceeds towards getting me another pair of running shoes.

Went to Brunswick

After not really finding what I wanted in the Augusta area last week, I also decided to go down to the Maine Running Company in Brunswick – about 45 minutes away. I prefer to buy from the local running stores when possible and this is the closest running store to where I live. Plus it is really nicer to try on the shoes you are buying instead, blind sizing that you do online. Continue reading


10 Things I Love About Running

Valentines heart

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Over at #RunChat they are having a contest where you list the 10 Things I Love About Running for Valentines Day, which I thought was a great idea and enjoyed putting this list together.  It did make me stop and think about why I do love to run.

Here are my ten things I love about running:

  1. Running clears my head and keeps me closer to “normal” whatever normal is. 🙂 I go run when life gets tough, like it did when my dad was in the hospital recently. It gives the stress someplace to go productively, instead of food, booze or taking it out on other people. Going for those runs made it so that I was still someone people wanted to be around and I didn’t go down a dark path, which many people do in those situations.
  2. Running gets me out of the house, so that my wife doesn’t encourage me to go back to work. Since we have retired TheWife has been very supportive of my running lifestyle, but at time it becomes rather expensive and from time-to-time she hints that it might be time to look for a part-time job, if I want to continue running or start racing again. Continue reading

The Winter Runner Stink

2 Days worth of Running Clothes

If you live in colder parts of the country – you know those places that you need to dress in something besides shorts and a t-shirt to run during the winter. Someplace, where since October/November you have dressed in layers, to keep yourself reasonably warm while enjoying your daily run outside.

Well I have run outside a lot this year – since October and as a result of running so much and the layering system I use, I have worn a lot of clothes and have done a lot of sweating in them (yes I sweat outside even in the winter). Unfortunately, as a result of all this sweating, my winter running gear is getting rather fragrant.

Well to be honest, according to my wife – they #$%$ing stink!

My winter running clothes have developed The Winter Runner Stink. Continue reading

Running Away from The Winter Blahs

Sign of Spring? Cat on the rails - you can see them!

We are entering that time of year known up “heah” as The Winter Blahs. It is a combination of being tired of winter, being cooped up inside, not getting enough warmth or sun and knowing that we still have 4-8 weeks before the weather really breaks.

The experts talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) or Vitamin D deficiency  and give fancy labels for things that have been negatively affecting people in snow/cold parts of the world probably since “We” have been around.

I really think that my Great-grandmother Bertha’s definition for this time of year was more accurate than many of the expert’s labels. She called this time of year “The Winter Blahs”. Continue reading

The Myth – Running is Cheap

There is a myth that many in the running community seems to like to perpetuate, that all you need is a pair of shorts, t-shirt, socks and a pair of running shoes to go running.

Let me tell you the truth that it is a myth – something that may have been true once upon a time, but is not the reality in today’s world.

What do you need to run?

Running Shoes

Yes you need a pair of good running shoes to run – that is just the way it is, unless you want to run barefoot (and many are trying it, but alas winter in Maine make barefoot running a tad uncomfortable). However, the running shoe companies take full advantage of this need to cover our feet and the average running shoe goes for somewhere  around $100. Continue reading

Researching for my Next Pair of Running Shoes

It was bound to happen, my Saucony Peregrines running shoes, after 257.6 miles are starting show some clear signs of wear, but only in one place.

In my post about Choosing New Running Shoes, I talked about doing your own research before you go ahead and buy a new pair of running shoes. This way you have a better idea of what you are looking for, what is out there and the price ranges for a particular shoe you might be interested in, when you do go to look for your new shoes.

Also you will be able to ask the salesperson “intelligent” questions about their recommendations, instead following them blindly – I don’t follow anyone blindly.  They may know a lot about running shoes, but they usually don’t know a lot about you.

Since I have noticed that my Peregrines are going to need replacement in a month or so, now is the time to take my own advice and start researching for my next pair of running shoes. So here it begins. Continue reading

For Guys Only – Ladies You Won’t Be Interested

Sorry ladies this post will be about as interesting to you, as your posts about bras, panties, capris or make-up are to me :-).

However, if your guy has problems with chafing – read on.

Also don’t plan on me modeling this product on my blog, I definitely am not a male model and I don’t believe too many people are interested in seeing this old fart in some underwear – it would not be a pretty site, besides I am rather modest ;-).

Last week I was complaining about my compression shorts chafing me, after my long run in my RunLog blog post, last Monday, which I linked in my DailyMile entry and I got this Tweet.

Skeptical at first Continue reading

Goat Head Sole Spikes Review

Last week I was on Twitter “bragging” or was that complaining about having just run in snow/ice and how slippery it was. Matthew from Goat Head Gear asked me if I was interested in reviewing a set of their SoleSpikes on my blog.

Since doing product reviews is one of the things that I really enjoy doing, I said sure, as long as he didn’t mind an honest review of his product.  The product was sent with the understanding my review would be my honest opinions of how their product worked for me.

When I got home from the The 33rd Annual January Thaw 4.5 Mile Road Race yesterday, there was a package on the table for me. The package was from Goat Head Gear and inside was this: Continue reading

Is Barefoot Running Right for Me?

My wonderful feet – they have a lot of miles on them 🙂

Over the course of my career as a runner, I have seen many fads come and go, especially with running movements and how to run.

Right now barefoot running is gaining a lot of popularity and publicity about being an alternative to the running shoe.

After reading Born to Run see my review here, this book really piqued my interest in Barefoot running again. Continue reading

Icebreaker Clothing – Passes the Stink Test

In my initial post of the Icebreaker Base Layer Clothing Review, I discussed the stench test.

This afternoon my wonderful wife informed me that I had a certain odor, when she got back from finishing up her Christmas shopping. I have been anxiously waiting for this day for the past week.

Stop and think, how crazy is it that a husband wants his wife to tell him that he stinks, but hey it is part my wear-test of the Icebreaker clothing, so it was worth it.

I got the Icebreaker base layer to stink, but stop and read what I had to do. Continue reading