It’s Snowing Yet Again – 1-31-12

It is snowing yet again, not enough to have fun in, just that steady flurry activity that gives you about 2 inches of snow over the course of a whole day. It is just enough to make it slippery to run on, even with trail shoes, but not really enough to wear the SoleSpikes. So I just wore my Peregrines.

Run 1-31-12 Looking towards hill

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Does a Faster Cadence Help?

Over the past couple of months I have read a few “how to run better” books and some of them talk about using a metronome to help you run at a higher cadence (about 180 steps/beats per minute for both feet or ChiRunning 85 to 90 steps per minute with your right foot).

Faster Cadence Benefits

According to the writers this increased cadence will make it so: Continue reading

Trying Out Cadence App – 1/26/12

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I downloaded an app for my old iPhone last night and wanted to try it out.

I have felt really good running lately, so I figured another day wouldn’t hurt me at all, especially since I took 2 days off last week :-).

The app was Perfect Cadence. I had read in a couple of different books, about using a metronome to help get your cadence up to 180 steps per minute. This faster cadence supposedly has a lot of positive benefits to your running, which I am not going to get into in my running log.

Needless to say, when I started out the beeping of the cadence app was annoying, but I didn’t shut it off or throw it in the woods and after a about 50 yards I wasn’t really paying attention to it, but I did note that I was moving faster than usual for the same amount of effort. When I focused in on the beeps, I was keeping pretty good foot plant to them and noticed that I was doing more of a midfoot strike with the faster cadence – both pretty positive. Continue reading

RunLog 12/10/11 – The Sun is Trying to Come Out

We have had a lot of overcast/cloudy weather around heah lately it seems. During my run today the sun was trying its damnedest to come out, it felt pretty good, but that darn north wind was coming down the road at 10-15 mph – so while is was 39F it felt a lot colder.

Maybe that is why I ran a little faster than usual today. I wore the Icebreaker base layer top and bottom along with the gloves, but that wasn’t the problem, my arms were cold with just the synthetic long sleeve shirt over my arms, wish I had my running jacket on. Being cold though made it so that I wanted to get back inside so I went a little faster. Fastest per mile pace this year :-). Felt strong throughout the run and could have gone farther and maintained the pace. Continue reading

I Will Be Running Without the iPhone

Navstar-2F satellite of the Global Positioning...Image via Wikipedia  //  
Since I returned to running on June 15th, I have used my iPhone and several running apps (see my Three iPhone Apps for Runners Review post) to track how my running is going and to see which one I liked best.

I love being outside and hearing the sounds of nature when I am running.  I prefer to focus on the run and know what is going on around me, than tuning out to the tunes.

To be honest, the more that I run with my iPhone outside, the less that I like it for that purpose. It is too big, bulky and heavy for me while I am running, whether it is in an armband, on my waist, it just doesn’t feel comfortable bouncing around. Continue reading