Bond Brook 5K Trail Race Course Orientation

P6280004-001This was a two run day, which wasn’t all that bad, but I learned something very important tonight.

After finishing tonight, my feet felt as though someone had beat them with a ballpeen hammer. I haven’t experienced that feeling with these shoes before, but even with a few hours in between the runs, my feet are pretty darn sore. There are a lot of rocks, roots and little stumps that I just seemed to find, step on wrong and there was just a little too much ground feel for me. Continue reading

Updating the Theme

What’s going on?

Under Construction 6-27-12

I have been trying different themes as I approach my 6 month anniversary of blogging on as my blog host. To attempt to give A Veteran Runnah a slightly different look.

The old theme was boxy and a little boring to me. Each of the others that I have tried so far were, well not quite what I am looking for and this current one while it is close – I am still not sure that it is just what I want.

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Easy 9.0 Today–Form Work 6-27-12

I purposely am trying to keep all but 2 runs a week in the 9:00 to 10:00 minute pace per mile range for a while and really start to focus on my form again. 

Over the past couple of weeks I found that I was trying to run too fast, too often and that my form was reverting back to a more heel strike, over striding style of running . Especially since I started to add track workouts back into the mix.

Nike Stats 6-27-12

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Nice Run in the Rain 6/26/12

IMG_0453Today was a scheduled recovery day after yesterday’s long run, so I planned on doing an easy 3-4 miles at around a 10:00 minute pace. The weather cooperated and the downpour slowed up to a nice steady rain, which I actually love to run in this time of year.

The rain makes the humidity just about right and cools me off, my feet don’t get too wet and there is just something peaceful and magical about running in the rain. Also I ran most of the run “down back” so it was on dirt (partially mud) roads and was very forgiving to land on.

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13.1 Mile Run to Waterville–6/25/12

I got my run in – in between the rain storms that were coming through Central Maine today. I was a bit disappointed in the time that I ended up with, but with the humidity and some other distractions – I will take it.

Nike Stats 6-25-12

I have no idea what that dip in the middle of my run means, but on this stretch I was going downhill and felt pretty strong, so the pace is way out of wack. As you can see on both sides of the dip I was maintaining a consistent pace. This is a fairly open area,so I shouldn’t have lost the GPS signal or anything, just one of those great things from an iPhone App. Someday I might have to invest in a GPS watch, but that is sometime in the future.

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Goals and Failure or is that Success

MCM 1983Throughout my life I have set many goals – related to: life, work, education, health, running and I do not really buy into the concept that failure is a good thing.

Instead I believe that smaller successes, bring about larger success.

Have I always been successful – of course not – I am human.
Have I had failures – monumental ones.

However, each time that I have failed, there were still parts, where I was successful and I have learned to build off those smaller successes, instead of focusing too much on what went wrong or what many would consider my failures.

In this picture I was on my way to finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in 1983, after I DNF the 1982 race. I didn’t give up, instead I learned from my mistakes and was motivated to be successful, not fearful of failure.

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The Week That Was June 24, 2012

Storm Coming InThis has been a great week for running and pretty darn good in other respects too – yeah I know what else is new Winking smile.

Decision Made

During the week TheWife and I made the decision to stop my job search and after really looking it over, it is in our best interests, that she go back to work and I stay home.

The decision-making process took up a lot of my time and energy this week. It was an important decision that will affect us in a lot of ways, for a long time. Especially, since I had a job interview lined-up and had to withdraw from the interview. So we had to make sure that we made as informed of a decision as possible and really had to agree that it was the correct direction to go.

This decision is a very good thing and reduces the stress about job searching tremendously. See my post A Professional Crossroad was Crossed for more.

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First Runs in Nike Free Run +3

P6210001-001I won a gift card as part of a drawing during a #FitFluential chat with Blue Diamond Almonds a few weeks ago (the almonds are almost all gone Smile and were delicious) and used it towards a new pair of running shoes.

Since I was so impressed with how great the Free 4.0’s were, I ordered another pair of Nike Free running shoes. Originally, I thought that I had ordered the Free 3.0’s, but I made a mistake and ended up with the Free Run +3.

After a thinking about it and wearing them for a couple of walks I decided to keep the Free Run+3’s instead of sending them back. Things happen for a reason sometimes.

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Saturday 10.0 Miler

fcd3cb08bd4711e180c9123138016265_6Today was my weekly 10 mile run and my first long run in my new Nike Free Run +3, I will be doing a review on how they did in my first run post that I do on new shoes.

The run itself was pretty uneventful, just one of those get out the door and do it runs.

I purposely try to keep this run slower than my weekly runs to Augusta or Waterville and noticed that I had picked the pace up pretty good without realizing it. So I throttled back and got it where it was supposed to be – in the 9:00 to 10:00 minute pace range – which I did a pretty good job of.

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