Unexpected Running Shoe Shopping

New Balance Minimus Trail 20

I have researched what my next pair of running shoes would be for the past couple of weeks and had a good list of shoes that I thought would meet my needs very well. Which I discussed in my Narrowed the Choices Down to 5 Running Shoes post. Sometimes you have to throw your plan out the window and go with Plan B, that is what happened to me.

Oh Crap

During my recovery run down-back yesterday, my left heel started to get a blister from the hole in my of Saucony Peregrines, it was more a question of when, not if I would get a blister.

I was afraid that this might happen, before I could get down to Portland, Maine (not Oregon) and check out all of those shoes on my list. Continue reading


Narrowed the Choices Down to 5 Running Shoes

I knew this day was going to come, it is the bane of most runners – my current running shoes are wearing out. We know that when we buy running shoes that they have a limited life expectancy. When our primary shoes have 200-300 miles on them, we usually need to start to thinking about what our next shoe is going to be. My Saucony Peregrines reached that mark a few weeks ago and unfortunately I had to start to think about new shoes then.

Here are my earlier posts in this series:

I have researched many shoes over the past few weeks, thought about what I want/need in a shoe – a lot, looked multiple shoe company and running store sites, blogs and reviews about different running shoes. Based on everything that I have learned while doing this research, I have come up with the following list of 5 Running Shoes that seem to meet my requirements for running this spring, summer and hopefully into the fall. Continue reading

Possible Running Shoes – List Narrowed Down

Last week I talked about starting the process to research which running shoes I should get for my next pair – probably sometime in March, but sooner if my Peregrines start to really bother my heel.

The big reason for the research is to narrow down the shoes from everything that is available to about 20 or so, that I would want to look at more closely to see how they match my running needs.

Background and Requirements

My running information and requirements for my new shoes are: Continue reading

New Running Shoes – Saucony Peregrine

Saucony Peregrine

After I somehow put a hole in my Nike Dual Fusions the other day I needed a new pair of running shoes. Shopping for a new pair of running shoes is one of those things I love and hate – all at the same time.

I love it because

I get to see all the new running shoes styles up close and personal. Instead of just reading reviews from other blogs, manufacturers websites, advertisements, magazines and other online review of those shoes. New shoes also tend to reinvigorate me to run more.

I hate it because

it usually takes me so damn long to try on 15-20 pair of shoes, 4-5 different stores and taking up half a day, just to figure out which pair of shoes I am actually going to put my money down on. An apt expression, because when you buy a new pair of shoes, you are gambling that the shoes you buy will work for you and in today’s market – almost $100 for a pair of running shoes is a healthy wager on a fixed income. Continue reading